Compete Builds “Twitter Down” Case

    November 12, 2009

According to the latest stats from Compete, Twitter didn’t fare too well in October.  In fact, rather than pull in more unique visitors compared to the previous month, Twitter may have lost some and turned a one-time anomaly into a two-time streak.

As the below graph shows, Twitter’s growth rate slowed quite a bit starting in June.  Compete then recorded that its unique visitor count peaked in August.  September didn’t play out at all in the site’s favor, and in October, both visits and unique visitors dropped by about 2.1 percent.

This left Twitter only slight ahead of where it stood in June.

Meanwhile, Compete stats show that Facebook saw a month-to-month surge of 3.50 percent in terms of unique visitors.  LinkedIn saw a bump of 3.29 percent, too.  Even MySpace, which suffered a hit, only experienced a small drop of 0.65 percent.  So Twitter seems to be on its own here.

Nonetheless, after writing up a similar report from Hitwise late last month, a quote from Evan Williams seemed appropriate, and it may fit here, too.  Williams told Adam Lashinsky, "It’s grown a little bit slower lately, but we have some things in the works that we think will change that."

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