Company Offers Free News Feeds For Blogs

    September 9, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

It’s getting easier and easier for Joe Blogger to create a professional looking blog with lots of side action flanking his content. Thanks to advertising support, amateur bloggers can now add free news feeds to their sites, pulling in customized topic lists from major news sources like USA Today, CNN, and BBC.

FeedDirect gives site operators and bloggers a choice of 340 topic-based categories gathered from millions of articles across the web. A news feed is especially helpful if operators wish to build loyal readership and search relevance.

And from the look of it, it seems relatively user friendly so you don’t have to a code monkey to make it work. Subscribers are also given design options to help match the scheme of the website.

The same service also provides RSS advertising for blog content, inserting contextual advertising whenever operator content is dispatched.