Companies Finding It Hard To Transition To Google

    July 17, 2008

If you decide to sell your company to Google, keep this in mind: you will be forced to give up the English language and will only be able to speak Klingon.

I kid, I kid…mostly.

Nik Cubrilovic explains that something akin to the above, does actually happen to companies acquired by Google.

One of the first main challenges for a company that has been acquired by Google is adopting the proprietary technology stack used within the company. Google does use Linux and open source, but their core technologies are all internal to the company. I have heard that it can take a new engineer at Google anywhere from 3-6 months to become accustomed to using these tools and services.

Some companies make the transition quickly–YouTube for example–but for others, Google becomes a technological Elephant’s Graveyard–remember MeasureMap or Dodgeball?

Something else for conspiracy theorists. Does Google insist on its own proprietary technology to make it hard for Googlers to leave the company?

And what comes of former Google employees? They spend years building on a technology stack that nobody else is using. How useful are they to a company that is looking for MySQL, Apache, Python, PHP etc. experts?

Things that make you go, "hmmm."