7 Common Sales Letter Mistakes That Kill Sales Every Time!

    December 22, 2003

It just takes one little mistake within your sales letter to instantly “turn off” prospects. So, how many of these mistakes are you currently making in your sales letter that are stealing profits from you?

1) The Offer Isn’t Clearly Defined Early In Your Letter

After reading the headline your prospect must have at least a general idea of what you’re offering. And by your 3rd paragraph, they should completely understand what they’re going to “get” if they keep reading. Missing the mark here … not telling them your product or services main benefit, will cost you sale after sale.

2) Your Letter Doesn’t Clearly Tell The Potential Customer What To Do Next

It’s obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve become interested in ordering a product only to have no idea how to do so. I’ve literally spent minutes hunting for the order link. And most prospects won’t do this. Your ordering system has to be simple. Your link has to be clearly visible. And you have to spell out exactly what you want them to do to complete their order. Tell them which link to click, tell them what to do (enter you information), and tell them what they can expect after their order is complete.

3) Your Letter Doesn’t Present The Benefits

Benefits make products irresistible. So, as a rule, I always find the top benefit of the product first, and present it. Then I find at least two other benefits, and I’ll repeat these 3 benefits at least three times within the sales letter, each time stating them a little differently. Doing this reinforces the main benefits. And … benefits are what turn drab, boring letters into exciting, money pumping sales letters that won’t quit spitting out orders.

4) No Credibility Built In Your Product Or The Creator of The Product

Why should they believe what you’re telling them? What makes you the expert? Building credibility in yourself as the creator of the product leaks on over and makes the product’s benefits that much more believable. Even if you have the greatest product on earth, without the prospect believing your claims, they won’t order. So build up on the reasons WHY they can believe ALL of the claims within your sales letter.

5) Your Letter Is Hard On The Eyes

Second only to your sales copy, the layout is the biggest reason people click away from websites. Small fonts, no margins, cluttered headlines and subheads, all send readers scurrying for the exit button. Clean your copy up. Hire a designer if you can’t do it yourself — it’s well worth the investment.

6) Too Much Risk Associated With Ordering Your Product

Risk? There should be none. All of the risk needs to be on the seller. And a guarantee that’s written clearly and lines up the benefits they’re guaranteed to receive after ordering or their money back is the way to go. And the longer you extend your guarantee (for instance, a one-year guarantee), the more risk you remove from your offer.

7) Your Letter Doesn’t Explain Why Your Product Is Better

Why is your product the best choice. In most cases, your product has competition. So explain in your letter why the competition’s product doesn’t compete. How is your product better? What benefits does it have that can be found with no other product? Explain why with your product they’re getting something they can’t get anywhere else, and you’ll win their business.

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