Coming Winter Storm Threatens Northeast After Pummeling Midwest

    December 26, 2012
    Zach Walton
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A coming Winter storm has some residents in the Northeast clamoring for shelter as holiday flights and other travel plans are being canceled in anticipation of what could be a major snow storm. The storm has already flexed its might by dumping upwards of 13 inches of snow in some locations in Arkansas.

The Weather Channel reports that Winter Storm Euclid is slowly moving towards the Northeast after dumping snow, rain or both across much of the Midwest and South. To further exacerbate the situation, the storm was responsible for a number of tornadoes across the South as well. There have been three confirmed deaths so far, but none were caused outright from the tornadoes. In the Midwest, Euclid dumped anywhere between three and 13 inches of snow.

It’s being reported that 600 flights have been delayed or canceled as the storm moves Northeast. There’s also plenty of snow to be had as The Weather Channel reports that “Blizzard warnings stretch for 730 continuous miles.” Those in the path of the storm can expect up to a foot of snow.

Those in the path of the storm should stay inside and refrain from traveling. It would also be wise to check on any neighbors and their heating situation. Many deaths during Winter storms can be attributed to the heat going out in a house.

  • Aly

    what does the point mark with the one mean for that spot on the map, and really a foot of snow is not too bad.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      The Weather Channel likes to pinpoint one’s location when looking at a radar map. The point mark is just where I happen to be right now. As you can see, I’m safe from the snow that’s moving Northeast.

  • Michele

    “To further exasperate the situation, the storm was responsible for a number of tornadoes across the South as well.”

    Exasperate? Really?

    People get exasperated (including me, reading this), not situations. Try ‘exacerbate.’

    Good grief.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      Thanks for pointing that out. It’s been corrected.

      • Michael Lawrence

        I hate it when they say “Good Grief” I am certain that person has never made a mistake.

    • Carrie

      No need to be snippy, Michele. I’m so relieved there are perfect people like you in the world to point out all our mistakes. Sorry you were exasperated and I hope I didn’t exacerbate your frustration by pointing out how rude you sound. Have a nice day.

  • donald deschamps

    i like following large hail storms world wide whats a good site to use i document damage done to autos and homesthank you very much

    • Mary

      I had not one but three hail storms in Dallas summer before last and my car is pretty no worth what I owe on it!!

  • Mark Willmus

    Kind of Like when they refer to a person 28,000 feet up Mt Everest as a “HIKER” Oh well they can always get a job at CNN With the motto of 50% is better than nothing.

  • Susanne Dickson

    Dear Zach Walton,
    Thanks for your great article on the winter storms in the Northeast! Brief, well-written and to the point! My son and his family have a home in Lynchburg, Virginia, so, although they’re in Houston, Texas, for the holidays, I’m sure he’s concerned about it and his neighbors’ houses, as well! (May I say, though, that I think you meant to use the word “exacerbate” in the second paragraph, although those folks must BE exasperated!) Good luck, and keep up the good work! SD :-)

  • http://Yahoo Pamela Bunting Lewis

    And tomorrow I will be back on the street. Burrrrrr! I was robbed and cheated out of my inheritance, then, health and court over the losses. After the care of both elderly parents and the involvement of 22 others who have all now passed away and the loss and grief, I find myself out of my family home of 44 years after serving family for 13 years, part time then full. I loved those I cared for and about, have 25 years of professional work experience, but now at 60 find no opportunities in the United States of America which has been my country for all of my life. My roots go back primarily to Ireland. Maybe it is now time for me to leave this country. If what I have a 60 is the street after two years in Delaware courts, then my car taken with my expired tags, I am glad to still have my US Passport so that I can get out. The Fiscal Cliff decisions await most. Most have shopped themselves until they dropped on plastic credit cards, and after being debt free for 16 years, strictly cash and carry, I find myself now in debt, held down and put down in America. Part of it is discrimination, age, weight, ethnic origin, not being mob, and I do not lie, cheat or steal. So, for me in America, it is now life or death on the streets in the cold. China just got a new train line. Goes 186 miles per hour. Maybe that is because they honor and respect the wisdom of the elderly. Just as the Native American tribes do. They were robbed and cheated in the beginning too. One more night in a warm motel. I am not suicidal. Too bad for me. Happy New Year 2013. Can’t get any worse can it? Pamela Bunting Lewis December 26th, 2012.

    • Laretta Mason

      I’m so very sorry your circumstances are so bad, but thankful you’re honest and that you’re not suicidal. I hope you will be able to get to Ireland and that there will be hope for you there. If it wasn’t so cold in Ireland, I might escape with you! I thought this was the worst Christmas of my life, as I learned my youngest daughter is once again steeped in drugs and alcohol addiction. It was a kick in the gut for me, and at 70 yr old, life here on earth holds no promise for better. I just look forward to passing from this life to the next…it can’t be soon enough! Read and take heart from the Word of God. Particularly the promises of the old Testament and the fulfillment of prophecies of old as they unfold in the new Testament. If you just read the book of Acts (of the apostles), you get a very good condensed story of God’s plan and what we must do to be saved. May the Lord bless you with peace and salvation.

    • Ann

      Been there; done that. There’s always a helping hand; usually at the end of your own arm. Start checking local shelters–if you belong to a church ask if they will help. Try the Salvation Army or St. Vincent dePaul.

      By the way I served 15 years in the military. And yes I’ve been homeless. But worked and found shelters and help. Now I have my own place. (No I don’t get a paycheck from the military.)

    • lisa

      Pamela many hearts go out to you and for your situation. Sounds corny, but sending some love and positive energy your way. Pray to your angels. We all have MANY. And they listen. its true… so don’t lose hope and 2013 will surely open a window where a door has shut. Be well : )



    • http://webpronews ror

      pamela come live with me

  • Eileen

    Since when do we start naming snow storms. This is getting rediculous. Pretty soon you’ll start naming heavy rain storms.

    • Dee

      Lol, I was thinking the same thing…

    • Chris

      This is the Weather Channels new idea to name snowstorms. I think they are just trying to add drama to a snow storm by giving it a name and get people all worked up…if they give a storm a name it must be bad right? I personally think it isnn’t necessary. Its not like we have multiple snow storms coming through at a time that we need to specify which storm it is.

      • Chris

        And from what I have read no one else will refer to these storms by these names unless they happen to be affiliate with the weather channel who is owned by NBC.

  • Jack

    I live in the northeast.No one here is clamoring. They are just trying to sell ad space. We like snow here .

  • http://yahoo.com june

    Sounds horrible true enough and I’ve been there done that..unfortunately,I have real problems to deal with.however,Pamela..if you had a way to get there.I would probably take you in. There ARE shelters available here you are..if nothing else call 911 or the fire department and tell them you are homelss and need help.They will direct you to a shelter and perhaps even escort you there. Good luck…and may god personally escort you to saftey.

  • Dave

    Happy Holidays to all. As we are in winter soltice, a foot of snow is long overdue for the northeast, as we did not have it so bad last year. Bring on the snow, we need the revenues…Happy New Year

  • Spectra

    Do storms not like Minnesota anymore? Not that a foot is a huge deal…give me a blizzard warning that dumps over two feet of snow and I’ll be happy, lol.
    I know states down south of us aren’t used to this stuff…I’m sure we have some snow plows we can send down there since all we’re getting is light dustings or rain up here…

  • bill downes

    Isn’t the wake of the storm those events that occur after the storm???

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      You are correct. Thanks for pointing that out. It’s been fixed.

    • Wendy M

      Bill Downes…did you live in Rutland??

  • leup garu

    more powerful catastrophe will hit the u.s it’s a curse they create to themselves until the u.s will be on it’s knees like those countries they label third world countries and who will help the u.s stand up again, NO ONE !

    • Scott Campbell

      Unlike you losers, we don’t need help. We can deal with problems without some useless pissant like whatever country you slither in. As far as I’m concerned, we should let some people die out. Palestinians are one group that has no reason to exist.

      • Dave

        We hear it all the time from you all that live in snowy areas. You’re also the same guys that drive 55 mph in 4 inches of snow and wrap your truck around the telephone polls. You see it all the time in the northeast; Big pile ups from guys that “know” how to drive in the snow! LOL!

        • Dave

          Yes, and I know it’s telephone poles, not polls!! :)

          • Pat Smith

            PTL! LOL!!!!!

    • Saxman

      Nobody helps us now leup so what exactly is your point…oh wait there isnt one is there? Ooops

      Somehow I think it’ll take more than a snowstorm to “bring us to our knees” although im sure the skiers out there will be on their knees…in thanks.

  • Lee

    Pamela Bunting Lewis, I am praying for you today. God will make a way where there seems to be no way.

  • http://yahoo Buel King

    Hillary and Monica for 2016

  • Scott Campbell

    12 inches of snow? Big deal. I live in Vermont. That is not a major snowstorm. I have seen storms dump 30+ inches of snow. Unless it is 18 inches we won’t even consider it a serious storm. On Christmas Day, we got a “huge” storm, a 3 to 4 inch snowfall. Don’t even really need snowplows for that. Just a sprinkling of salt and the roads are fine.

    • Boom

      Good for you! Oh, and time to move!

      • http://fb betty j thomas

        this is good news coming from u

    • Simon Graham

      Then move a**hole

    • ron

      you jerk, these people are living in tents, they lost their homes in the storm and are scrambling to keep warm. who cares about, you damned democrat. Shove some of that salt in your cavity and roast yourself, or go and start a fire for them, Mr. Bunyon

    • charliemarvin

      I lived in Vermont for 24 years the snow was great when i was 30 but when you turn 70 it is time to move, Now we live in Florida the land of sun and fun.

    • Snow

      You live in Vermont. That’s the point.
      In other areas of the country that are not use to getting snow (like where I live)… even getting a little snow is a big deal. Snow equipment… large plows, trained employees, salt, etc are expensive and many areas that hardly ever see snow don’t have enough equipment on hand to deal with this kind of weather.

      Snow is great, if the communities have the equipment to deal with them. You come off sounding like a pompous jerk who takes things for granted. You probably think magic little elves carry away your garbage every night too.

    • holli

      Might not be a “Big Deal” for you but it is for others.

    • kurt hanson

      Im from Vermont as well, and 13 inches isnt much for US but in Arkansas it is probably hectic. AT my grammmas house once as a kid we were sledding and it was 30 degrees below!
      I hope I make my flight home tmrw.

    • Dee

      It is relative to where you live and what you know. We don’t often have snow so it is a big deal when it does snow. There is no snow equipment to clear roads. People aren’t accustomed to driving on icy road surfaces. The roads quickly become dangerous.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/coming-winter-storm-threatens-northeast-after-pummeling-midwest-2012-12 dennis kelly

      When I was a kid the snow was twenty feet deep and they didn’t even call off school, and we had to walk ten miles each way to get there, uphill both ways, and the wind was so strong it blew the air away and the temperature was never above twenty below, and that was in JUNE!

      • dick

        my kind of guy .im 80 and i gottwice as much

  • http://Yahoo Spicey

    I’d love to see a lot of nice powder to ski on–artificial isn’t as good, but up in Duluth, that’s about all we have right now.

    Age: Never was a huge problem to shovel or snow blow 24″ of snow after a storm, but as I get older, I’m much less able to shovel even 4″ and the snow blowing takes longer. I like to get it done before the temps drop much below 15 degrees.

    Really, in Duluth 24″ is a lot, and we haven’t seen much of that this decade. I only used the snow blower ONCE in the 2011-12 Winter and have it up for sale. If we don’t have a good snow cover by Christmas, we’re probably not going to get much all year. Maybe one 6-8 inch storm.

  • Adam D

    Is this an article about a snowstorm? Because I couldn’t tell by all the outrageous comments left on it. People are so bored and miserable in thier own life these days they have to take to writing nasty, pointless comments on a discussion board about the weather. If you don’t have nothing nice to say, keep your comments to yourself. Go find a chat room to vent your issues. Call up a friend. Do something productive with your life instead of bringing everyone down with the constant negative garbage.
    I’m from Vt, and have lived here my entire 28 years on this planet, and ANY weather situation can be difficult, no matter where you live. There is no need to act “holier than thou” because you’ve had a fair share of winter experience.

    Grow up people. Its an article about snow. Lets keep it that way.

    • Ray

      I agree. This just goes to show how many “sheep” reside in this country, Adam. It’s sad and pathetic. It’s good to know that there are still those with some sense.

  • Pat Smith

    I lived in St. Louis during massive snow storms & blizzards! ONE FLAKE OF SNOW IS TOO MUCH FOR ME! Lovin’ the South!