Comic-Con Booths Lure Fans Via Twitter

    July 23, 2009

All of geekdom has descended upon the city of San Diego, California for Comic-Con 2009. The four-day event, which showcases everything from action figures to theatrical coming attractions, is the highlight of the year for many fanboys.

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The big draw for many event goers are the exhibitor booths, where various fanboy/fangirl items can be purchased. With so many exhibitors at Comic-Con, how can booths maximize their visitors? (Below is a map, which shows how massive Comic-Con truly is. Click to enlarge)

Exhibitor booths for Comic-Con 2009

Some booths (NBC Store, Halloween 2, Fox Home Entertainment, Paramount DVD’s, etc.) have taken to Twitter to lure in guests with promises of swag or special events, below are some examples:

Swag Tweet

Swag Tweet

Swag Tweet

Swag Tweet

Swag Tweet

With so many phones able to access the Internet, and with iGoogle sponsoring Comic-Con’s free Wi-Fi, a large percentage of attendees will be Twittering heavily. So, if you think about it… Twitter truly is the best way to get the word out, to the masses, about your booth.

iGoogle sponsoring Comic-Con's Wi-Fi

Do you think this tactic will help lure in Twitterers? Let us know your thoughts.