Comic-Con 2013: Robot Chicken DC Comics Special Sequel To Focus On Villains


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If you ask me, the best thing to come out of entertainment last year was the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special. The 30 minute episode spoofed its way through some of the greatest (and lesser known) DC Comics heroes and villains. Now Seth Green and team are putting together a sequel.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the next special will be called Robot Chicken DC Comics Special II: Villains In Paradise. The special will be formally introduced today during the Robot Chicken panel at Comic-Con 2013. Before that, however, Green shared some details of what the special will entail.

As the title implies, the special will focus on the villains of the DC Comics universe. Specifically, it will focus on Lex Luthor and his daughter. Green hints that the overarching story may have to deal with a what if scenario involving Luthor's daughter falling in love with Superboy. He says that the special will be "a little bit more of a West Side Story/Romeo and Juliet star-crossed love story."

Green says that script for the second DC Comics special is done, and that they're starting to record voices now. They're also going to start filming in August. The second special will air on Adult Swim sometime in 2014.

If you missed the first DC Comics Special, you missed out on a storyline where Aquaman finally gets his due. After being ignored and abused by the Justice League, he decides to team up with the Legion of Doom to get revenge. It spirals out from there into a series of jokes making fun of everything from Batman's fight with Bane in Knightfall to lesser known DC characters like Mr. Banjo.

Here's the trailer for the first special: