Comic-Con 2013: Capcom Announces A New Strider Game


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Strider and its sequel are some of the most cherished action games of all time. Capcom has kept the fandom alive by including the game's main protagonist, Hiryu, in its various fighting games over the years, including the recent Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Now Capcom is bringing the franchise back in a big way.

At its San Diego Comic-Con panel last night, Capcom announced that it's working with Double Helix to create a new Strider game for current and next gen consoles. Some may feel a little uneasy about Double Helix working on the title, but you should at least check out the announcement trailer. It's looking pretty good.

The guys at Double Helix are sticking to the classic Strider formula, but they are introducing some new elements as well. The major change this time around is the introduction of Metroidvania elements. In other words, players will explore an open world full of upgrades, branching paths and hidden rooms.

Of course, you may not be sold on a new Strider just yet. Perhaps you feel that anybody can make an announce trailer look good. What you need is gameplay, and Capcom has seven minutes of it just for you.

Strider will be released as a digital download in 2014 for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. There's no mention of Wii U anywhere so Nintendo fans shouldn't get their hopes up.