Comic-Con 2013: Batman and Superman Team Up in 2015

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The Hollywood Reporter reports that Warner Bros. has announced that Superman and Batman will be teaming up in a movie in 2015.

Of course, the first question on everybody's mind is: Will Christian Bale be coming back as Batman? And the answer is, not likely. Henry Cavill will be returning as Superman, reprising the "Man of Steel" role from this year. But Bale has already said he is done. So now begins the wait to find out who will be wearing the cowl.

So far this year, "Man of Steel" has made over $280 million in the US and over $620 million worldwide, putting it in second place only to "Iron Man 3". Zack Snyder, who directed "Man of Steel", is back on board for the Batman/Superman team-up, as is screenwriter David Goyer (who also worked on "The Dark Knight" series). ”The Dark Knight Rises” itself topped $1 billion in global box office last year.

After the release and phenomenal success of Marvel's "Avengers", speculation was that Warner Bros. would do a Justice League movie next to compete with the "Avenger's" franchise. That film would include all kinds of DC heroes – Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and any number of others that have rotated through the JLA stories over the years. Instead the Batman/Superman pairing goes forward, with a possible "Flash", then perhaps the big "Justice League" that everyone wants to see.

Marvel's franchise followed a similar pattern, establishing Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk well before launching a team movie. DC, on the other hand, saw lackluster response to its Green Lantern try. Rather than try to save everything with a team movie, as some had speculated hey might do, they're building on the two biggest cards they have in their hand: The Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

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