Comcast Spotlight Picks Up Vehix

    February 11, 2008

The term "minority interest" is pretty weak; it implies that something received just the tiniest bit of one’s attention or bank account balance.  So, although we’re in no way involved in the deal, it’s kind of reassuring to see that Comcast Spotlight has concluded an all-out acquisition of Vehix.

About six months ago, Vehix shortened its name (from, and also announced its intention to establish a bigger presence in several different markets.  Compete‘s data would appear to show that the website is doing well, and corporate info claims Vehix has an online inventory of about 800,000 vehicles.Comcast Spotlight Picks Up Vehix

Otherwise, it’s hard to guess how things have progressed, but Vehix seems destined to stay on the same path.  Derek Mattsson, the company’s CEO, stated, "Being part of Comcast Spotlight enables Vehix to grow its distribution channels and content partnerships while enhancing the car shopping experience."

Now, as for the details of the acquisition, they also remain a bit unclear; specifically, the purchase price hasn’t been disclosed.  But advertisers and website owners may be comforted by the fact that voluntary transactions are still taking place (the Dow is down another 50 points at the moment), and it doesn’t look like there will be any brand changes that would bother Vehix’s fans.