Comcast Is Testing a Tracking Tool That Lets You Know Exactly When Your Technician Is Coming

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Comcast, the most-hated company in the nation's most-hated industry, says it wants to be more specific about when its servicepeople are actually going to arrive at your house.

In a corporate blog post titled Your Time Is Valuable; We Don't Want To Waste It, Comcast's SVP of customer Experience Charlie Herrin says that "you have things to do ... waiting for us to show up shouldn’t be one of them."

And with that in mind, Comcast is launching a new feature inside its app that allows customers to track the technicians dispatched to their homes

"Customers with scheduled appointments will be alerted through our App when our technician is about 30 minutes away from arriving at their house, and will be able to track this technician’s progress on a map," says Herrin.

"We’re hoping this will prevent our customers from just needing to sit at home and wait."

Comcast had previously narrowed their service windows from a soul-crushing four hours to a more manageable two hours, and this new feature, in theory, would make it so that customers would never really have to sit around waiting for more than a few minutes.

Don't get too excited, however. This is just a trial. Comcast is testing it outside the Boston area starting this week. If it's successful, the company says it'll launch it everywhere sometime next year.

If this works properly, I honestly can't see any negatives. It looks like Comcast is taking some baby steps to repairing its image when it comes to customer service, and holy hell does it need some repairing.

Josh Wolford
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