Comcast Customer Pulls Gun on Repair Man

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In ooooh-she-mad news, A 48-year-old Bernalillo County, New Mexico woman has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she pulled a handgun on a Comcast employee.

Gloria Baca-Lucero was arrested after demanding that a Comcast service rep leave her property – the I've got a gun type of demanding. Here's the best thing about the whole story – Baca-Lucero doesn't deny it. In fact, her and the rep's stories are pretty much identical.

According to the criminal complaint, both parties can agree on a set of facts. The rep, hereafter referred to as Ratliff, went to Baca-Lucero's house to make some repairs. Upon learning that the repairs would cost money and she would have to sign a consent form before Ratliff could begin work, Baca-Lucero became perturbed. She then dialed Comcast customer service, who confirmed that the repairs would indeed cost a fee.

Baca-Lucero refused to sign the forms, and Ratliff began to go on his way.

Both parties then agree that Baca-Lucero took one of Ratliff's tool bags, and placed it inside the home. When Ratliff said um, gimme my bag, Baca-Lucero refused, saying that his supervisor would have to come get it and he needed to get off her lawn.

The accounts begin to veer apart at this point – but not that much. Baca-Lucero says Ratliff was standing in her driveway refusing to leave. Ratliff says he had just walked off the porch. Either way, both say that Baca-Lucero then pulled a gun out of her pocket.

Huh. So from that account, it appears that the only difference of opinion here revolves around whether or not it was a-ok to just steal a bag of tools. Which it's not, if you were wondering.

The Albuquerque Journal reports that when police arrived on scene, they found a Glock and the repairman's bag.

Lady, I understand your frustration – but this is pretty much the worst way possible way to go about expressing said frustration (apart from actually shooting someone). Also, blaming some poor repairman for arguably bullshit Comcast fees is kind of like bitching at your waiter because the clam chowder is too expensive. Focus your energy a little higher up the chain, and next time focus it without the help of a 9mm.

Comcast is a terrible, soul-depleting monster, capable a reducing even the most composed individual to a screechy, rabid asylum escapee. This is inarguable. But just say no to tool ransom and firearm brandishing.

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