Colts Vs. Titans: Colts Prevail In The End, Thanks To "Luck"


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The expert play of Andrew Luck has struck again, and in a game between the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans, the Colts pulled away in the end. While the Titans maintained a lead for much of the game, and it appeared they would win, Luck struck at the end and ensured that the Colts would get another victory.

With their recent win against the struggling Tennessee Titans, the Colts have improved to a record of 7-3, and the Titans have fallen to 4-6. The game ended with a final score of 30-27 after a big push from Andrew Luck when the Colts scored 17 points in the third quarter, and prevented the Titans from scoring.

For the past few weeks now, fans have seen the Colts struggle early and have successful comebacks, but that trend may not be able to last the length of the season. They have trailed in the first quarter during six games this season, and in last night's game, they trailed 14-0.

However, Luck is certainly making himself a candidate for one of the best young quarterbacks, along with Colin Kaepernick, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton, who are all having excellent seasons.

Despite being one of the young guys, he understands that this is a problem that needs fixing. Luck was quoted after the game saying At the end of the day winning is what matters. We were fortunate in this game to survive our mistakes and have a chance to win. ... But we know that's got to be fixed."

The win against the Titans also puts the Colts at the top of the AFC South division, and they are looking good as the season starts coming to a close. Indianapolis was able to seal the victory with an 11-play drive that concluded with a 10-yard TD run by Donald Brown with 3:14 left in the game.

The Colts completely took control of the game in the second half, and scored on four of their six possesions. Coach Chuck Pagano spoke of their second half performance, and the comeback win when saying "It speaks to the character and mindset of the guys. They were bound and determined to find a way. It was a great team win."

With a record of 7-3, and at the top of their division, the Colts will get ready to play against the Arizona Cardinals in week 12.

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