Colton Burpo, The Boy Who Said He Met Jesus In Heaven, Faces His Critics

    April 18, 2014
    Val Powell
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When Colton Burpo was 4 years old, he had an emergency appendectomy surgery that nearly took his life. After recovering from the surgery, Burpo said that he was able to visit the afterlife. Not only that, he said that he met Jesus there. He told his story with complete details and described Jesus as a man who had “brown hair, a brown beard, and beautiful sea-blue eyes.”

His statement made others believe, while others became his worst critics.

Colton is now 13 years old and is giving interviews together with his parents Sonya and Todd Burpo to promote the upcoming movie Heaven is for Real. The film is an adaptation of the book Heaven is for Real: A Little Boy’s Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back, which is based on Colton’s near death experience.

The book discusses Colton’s experience in detail, even saying that Jesus rides a rainbow-colored horse. The boy also said that he met some of his family members who have already passed.

Colton said that he hopes the film allows viewers to realize that God loves them and wants them “to go to heaven.” He also mentioned that the problem with people is that they are too attached to material things and that’s what hinders them from entering heaven. “So when you love Jesus and you decide to follow him, it’s easier to let those things go so you can be in heaven for an eternity,” Colton said.

Through the years, Colton has been using his experience as a way to spread the Christian message. He gives inspiration to children who are terminally ill, as well.

Despite critics telling the Burpo family to stop telling their story, they still continue their mission of spreading the message. “OK you can believe what you want to,” Colton said addressing his critics. “That’s not going to stop me from sharing what I saw.”

Heaven is for Real hits theaters on April 16.

Colton talks about heaven

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    • Tina

      Dude if you don’t want these results don’t search it’s that simple you want fish search fish you want horses search horses you want heaven SEARCH FREAKING HEAVEN

    • John McFarlane

      Who is crazier? the one who believes in a God he can’t see? Or the ones who are offended by a God they don’t believe in?

  • matthisone

    Colton, never, ever stop telling your story. No matter what people say, tell the truth as you know it. Those of us who believe in Jesus Christ and his promise of heaven want to and need to hear every word you have to say!!! Keep being brave!!!

  • Guest


  • Guest


  • Maureen Watts

    I Believe.

  • el jeran

    his dad is a pastor? really? No…..that doesnt make this entire story a crock of bubbling biased crap. I believe in a higher power and I believe in some sort of after life but Jesus, angels, apostles…..all a bunch of BULLSHIT. And the kid says God was so massive he could fit the whole world in his hands. Really? That sounds just like a song I heard once. COME THE F*CK ON!

    • Joel Gilmore

      like he said you can believe what you want to but dont talk crap about him when you have nothing to back it up

      • el jeran

        I CAN back it up. I have prebirth memory. And it is real. Jesus was not there. all of us are creative beings part of the same higher consciousness. There was no “worshipping”. And this sickeningly ignorant argument you have made……wtf?…..it is just true period unless I can prove otherwise??? Well OK, I guess you are just gonna have to PROVE Jesus really existed because none of you have ever been able to do that. Scientists haven’t been able to prove it either. I guess Cinderella must have really existed too. And santa claus and the tooth fairy.

        • Joel Gilmore

          uh huh riiiiiight

          • el jeran

            believe what you want to but dont talk crap about me when you have nothing to back it up………za zing!

          • liberty

            But we do. I, for one have seen a blind man prayed for & receive his sight. I’ve seen legs grow longer. I’ve seen a child who was crushed by a motorcycle, be completely healed with not even a mark on her body. Don’t tell me there’s no evidence. It takes far greater faith to believe that God doesn’t exist than to believe in Him.

        • liberty

          Someone created the galaxies. And did you know that almost all the prophecy’s in the Bible have been fulfilled? Jesus is coming soon, and those left behind will live hell on earth.

    • liberty

      El Jeran, when your body dies, you (your spirit) will live on, but you won’t have a choice then where you’ll spend eternity. It will be too late. Isn’t eternity a lot to take a chance on? That doesn’t even calculate into sense. I, for one, have experienced many miracles with God. Things that can only be contributed to faith in Him. There is a hell where men weep & gnash their teeth, but they will never die. Is that where you want to be? When people experience God, you’ll never convince them otherwise.

  • Joel Gilmore

    always tell your story colton

  • el jeran

    I am just glad these people are only duping and ripping off Christians.

    • Guest2


    • liberty

      El, when you lie in your bed in the dark of the night, you will notice an emptiness and wonder, “is this all there is to life”. There’s a need in everyone, even you, that only Jesus can fill. He is love and he loves you. Ask God to reveal Himself to you. He will.

      • el jeran

        I have a very strong very massive very beautiful higher power in my life. I feel intense bliss and inner peace every day. I believe in God, it is the christian slant on heaven and the afterlife that I don’t believe. it is extremely self absorbed and egocentric to believe heaven is exclusive to christians. they HAVE to do this. it is so sick and WRONG!

  • http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/riptide/2010/04/the_ten_creepiest_paintings_by.php?page=2 Tim Spriggs

    Why do you have to die before he reveals himself. The mind can imagine a lot of fantastical stuff, and this is likely one of them.

    • Guest2

      Whys everyome tripping over this??? If you believe, you believe, if you dont you dont. But think about it this way.. wouldnt you rather go through life believing theres a God and dying to find out theres not and you lose nothing, or die findig out there is a God and you lose everything.? See me, im stuck in between, so I honestly don’t know where to stand..

      • liberty

        This makes common sense, but you must do more than just believe there’s a God. Jesus died for the sins of all mankind so that we could have a relationship with God. Only those who believe in Jesus can enter into heaven. He is the way, the truth, & the life, and no man comes to the Father except through Him.

    • liberty

      He was just 4 and never knew that his mother had a miscarriage, yet, he told about seeing his sister in heaven. I believe he did have this experience, and it’s time for people to get serious about Jesus. He is coming soon. Almost all prophecy has been fulfilled—just like the Bible said. Be ready. Don’t be left behind.

  • http://www.pcpuk.co.uk/ PC Paramedics

    Lol lol lol lol