Colorado School Shooting: 2 Reportedly Injured

    December 13, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Two people have been reported injured during a school shooting at Arapahoe High School, just outside of Denver, Colorado.

Authorities are describing it as an active situation and all area schools are on lockdown. Police reportedly have surrounded the school with the shooter inside, though it’s not clear at this time whether the shooter is a student or not. The Denver Post has reported that there was also a fire at the school, but details are unavailable about that at this time.

All students have been evacuated and were taken to the school track at about 1:30 local time this afternoon. According to CNN, parents have been advised to pick their children up at King Soopers, a local grocery store.

There has been at least one report that one of the victims was 15-16 years old, but details are still emerging. We will update this story as it develops.

Arapahoe is not far from Columbine, where 12 students and a teacher were killed in 1999 when two students went on a shooting rampage.

Image: Ryan Parker/The Denver Post

UPDATE: According to a live blog, sources say some students are hiding in the school and are texting their parents to let them know they’re okay. Conflicting reports about where the shooting began–the cafeteria, the library–are coming in, and a SWAT team has moved in with a tank.

UPDATE 2: Reports are coming in that the shooter has killed himself, and that he came to the school looking for a specific teacher.

  • Really?

    Let me guess. People want to take away the guns now …. right? I wonder if they are going to demolish the school… not release security camera footage …. and sign the demolition crew and construction workers to confidentiality agreements like they did with Sandy Hook.

    I am sorry. I went through 35 years of my life and there was maybe two school shootings. Yet, in the past seven years there have been a hundred. When I grew up, there were guns, drugs, and crazy people. Heck, it was even easier to get a gun back then. So what in the past decade has fundamentally changed?

    Personally, after 9/11, I think America went crazy. I really mean this. We went from rational to irrational over night. It is almost like some bad form of mind control. Of course, the first step in any brainwashing exercise is to traumatize the subject so completely that they will accept the new order of things. Those planes were pretty traumatic. Now, I think our society is cracking. We fear everything and don’t trust our government and we are simply cracking up.