Colorado Fires May Have Been Caused By Fireworks

    June 28, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Colorado firefighters have had their hands full in the past week. A massive forest fire made its way through West Fork and claimed almost 76,000 acres of land, aided by high winds and extremely dry weather conditions; now, a wildfire in Jefferson County has finally been contained after one home was destroyed. Luckily, no injuries have been reported, because officials believe fireworks may have started the blaze.

“Talking with the homeowners they’ve indicated that there were fireworks in the area … it will be part of our investigation,” said Jefferson County Sheriff spokesperson Jackie Kelly.

The West Fork fires were started by three separate lightning strikes; the fires merged together to cover about 150 miles worth of land. Many residents have been evacuated as helicopters vie for a good spot to close in for air support, but the high winds are making it difficult. It’s been a good learning opportunity for some who were called in to help, however; several Honolulu firefighters are shadowing fire managers in the area to learn how to control long-range fires.

The West Fork fires are the largest in recorded history in that area.

  • Dana Curtis

    Absolutely devastating!!! I was born in Colorado springs. Lived in Colorado till i was 12. I still miss it!! Gorgeous place! My heart goes out to everyone affected by this fire! You are all in my prayers!! God, bless!!! Dana curtis 28 Indiana

  • Ryan

    I agree that Colorado has a rather high fire danger, but no more or less than in past years. Most of these wildfires are all hype. Colorado is a dry state, so you can’t act like large wildfires and drought conditions (although we are currently not in a drought) are unusual. The news companies have been running their mouths for the past couple years now about fires, but they are doing that mainly for money. Please stop scaring people! I am going to lose it if there are more “record” highs and wildfires next summer!