College Acceptance Podcasts Through iTunes

    March 20, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

File this one under “maybe a little too soon”: a Massachusetts college plans to email students it accepts for admission a link to an acceptance podcast on iTunes.

Fitchburg State College thinks a “welcome aboard” podcast is just what the 21st century student needs. “A modern student needs a modern acceptance letter,” the school said in a statement.

An email containing a link to iTunes, where the fortunate student can find the podcast, will arrive in the person’s inbox. Members of the faculty, staff, and student body participated in creating the podcast. They even have theme music, courtesy of the recently released CD from Professor of Humanities (Music) Jane Fiske.

The cutting edge liberal arts school has joined others in placing lectures on iTunes. However, we feel they should update Dr. Fiske’s page on the college’s website. Her students deserve to know her current office hours (presently listed as Fall 2003).

Commenters at Metafilter about the acceptance podcast (“What if you get rejected?” Metafilter asked) don’t share Fitchburg’s enthusiasm, judging by some of the less-than-generous comments posted there:

Dear prospective student: If you don’t have a computer, please consider this a pre-emptive rejection notice.

A podcast? You can’t frame that and put it on the wall.

Or colleges will have MySpace pages and add accepted students as “friends”.

What’s the next evolution of this, tuition payments through the iTMS after you download the acceptance podcast? Redeem gift certificates for credit hours or 30,000 winning Pepsi caps for four years!

Rejection notices will be provided through the use of smoke signals.

Give the college credit for trying something new. Judging by Dr. Fiske’s background, the theme music should be excellent.

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