ColdFusion Goes To The Blogs

    August 29, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Programming and scripting languages like Java, .NET, PHP, and even Python garner mentions in the news, while ColdFusion runs a little under the radar.

Finding out the latest and greatest news on ColdFusion requires a little more diligence on the part of its userbase. Other technologies, ranging from those supported by major tech vendors to ones developed in the open source community, show up a lot more regularly on the screens of tech writers.

What ColdFusion may lack in a news presence it makes up for on the expertise side. Finding that expertise means sifting through the Internet, and the blogosphere in particular, to discover it.

Author Ben Forta maintains a blog that he regularly updates with ColdFusion news and tips. Forta has written books on ColdFusion and on other topics like MySQL and regular expressions.

His blog features posts about functions in ColdFusion, job opportunities associated with the technology, and the occasional tidbit regarding notable ColdFusion users like Matt Woodward and his move to join the Office of the Sergeant at Arms at the United States Senate.

Another blogger from inside Adobe has started a ColdFusion weblog, too. Rahul Narula works in Bangalore for Adobe, and recently began posting about ColdFusion scripts and tasks he has been involved with on projects, like interfacing ColdFusion with SAP.

Both Forta and Narula list Ray Camden as a fellow ColdFusion blogger. We took a look at his call for ColdFusion recipes earlier in August.

Camden blogs about ColdFusion topics like his Advanced ColdFusion contest, and answering questions regarding the technology.

When the typical web or news search does not turn up anything of interest on ColdFusion, Sphere or Technorati offer looks into the world of blogs that may be more productive uses of one’s time.


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