ColdFusion Cookbook Seeking Recipes

    August 16, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Raymond Camden has created the ColdFusion Cookbook website, and hopes to see it populated with plenty of problem-solving ColdFusion answers.

I’m already a Camden fan, just from reading his About Me page. Star Wars fan, listens to The Cure and Johnny Cash, videogameras far as I’m concerned, that’s a solid geek pedigree.

(But Ray, were you at Celebration III to see the Master Jedi, George Lucas, speak to the fans?)

Camden also co-authored the book “ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit” with Ben Forta, who is practically a free-association answer to the ColdFusion language.

On Camden’s ColdFusion Cookbook website, which debuted in January, he has established a place where tough ColdFusion questions can come for a resolution.

As of press time, there were over a hundred entries at ColdFusion Cookbook. Those entries have been categorized by topic, like Data Structures and File & Directory Access.

Visitors can submit content via a form on the site. More details on that process from the website:

Your submission will be checked sometime soon after your submission. It will most likely be edited. You will be credited for your submission. In general – problems and answers should be very atomic. This would be a bad entry: How do I build a CMS? This too: What is “good” ColdFusion coding? These are good entries: How do I display the current time? How do I prevent forms from being submitted twice?

Also, visitors can submit a question to the site through the same process. Appropriate questions will be answered on ColdFusion Cookbook.

Although the site was written to support ColdFusion 7, the FAQ noted that many of the answers to issues on the site would work for earlier versions of the product. So if you are stuck on finding a value in an array, the Cookbook may be able to help.


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