ColdFusion A Jolt Award Finalist

    January 25, 2006

ColdFusion MX7 got a nice boost earlier on Tuesday when Software Development magazine announced the finalists for their Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards. The Adobe owned software was one of seven finalists in the Web Development Tools category.

“Our twenty Jolt judges-leaders in the software development field-have selected 89 impressive finalists from hundreds of nominations,” commented Software Development Technical Editor Rosalyn Lum.

“The number of nominations we received this year was unprecedented and the process of narrowing down the finalists was a massive, albeit exciting, task, with many more products contending in each category. These products represent a cross section of the most ground-breaking tools for every phase of the software development lifecycle-a testament that the spirit of innovation is alive and well in the software development sector.”

“In the next phase, we’ll be ‘looking under the hood’ at these select products, not only examining the standard criteria of audience suitability, productivity, innovation, quality, ROI, risk, and flexibility, but also seeking products that are: ahead of the curve; universally useful; simple, yet rich in functionality; redefine their product space; or solve a nagging problem that has consistently eluded other products and books.”

ColdFusion has come along way since it was first launched back in 1995 as a product of Allaire. The company added a number of functions to the original software. Then, in 2001, the company was sold to Macromedia.

ColdFusion remains popular among developers for a variety of jobs but Adobe has more than one offering in this category. ColdFusion’s teammate, Macromedia Studio 8 was also nominated in the Web Development tools category.

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John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.