Cold Remedies: Natural Ways to Fight the Seasonal Bug


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Over-the-counter drugs are great but are also known to have a lot of associated side effects.

According to a report done by, Dr. David Leopold, MD, mentioned how natural remedies look slightly more promising.

"I believe that most of the over-the-counter products just mask symptoms, which is great to get you through the day," he said. "But a lot of the oral supplements are working more with the body, maybe stimulating the immune system and also helping the body to heal."

Now that winter has hit a lot of states with snowstorms, in most cases it’s inevitable to avoid a seasonal cold.

From personal experience, I have found home remedies to help a lot better than medication.

Fortunately, some of the most convenient remedies can be found in your kitchen to help you fight off that yucky bug, that’s if one happens to come your way.

Here is a small but pretty informative list of some the most affordable natural home remedies to help you fight off the symptoms of a common cold.

Sore Throat Soothers

Honey: As an antioxidant and antibacterial/antifungal component, honey is known to soothe the throat. If taken straight, this tasty remedy can coat the throat and help to prevent coughs. It is also wise to mix a little ground cinnamon (another antibacterial remedy) with the honey as hot tea to fight infections and to alleviate the body from any toxins.

Salt Water: This home remedy is perfect for breaking down secretions located in the back of the throat like mucus for example. Gargling warm salt water on average two to three times a day is also known to assist in destroying bacteria.

Congestion Conquerors

Peppers: Cayenne pepper is one of the most popular peppers that helps relieve tightness and phlegm in the chest. Peppers’ anti-microbial properties are said to help speed up the decongestion process. The ideal way of intake would be to drink it as a tea. It’s your choice if you would like to endure the pain of biting into a hot pepper, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Peppermint: This is my all time favorite one! Peppermint can help cure bacteria and virus infections, but most of all congestion. Peppermint oil can be used on the chest to help relieve pain and aches. Even better, peppermint tea bags can be place on the floor of the tub while taking a hot steamy shower. Inhaling its minty scent will help to clear a runny nose.

Immune System Boosters

Apple Cider Vinegar: This remedy is notorious for many ailments including arthritis, fatigue, indigestion and even HICCUPS! Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a powerful alkaline food that turns a highly acidic body resulting from a cold back to normal. ACV can be mixed with honey or even cayenne peppers as mentioned above to create the ultimate cold defender. However, make sure to dilute in water because it naturally has a strong taste.

Garlic: Hot garlic tea is said to help with coughs and a sore throat associated with the common cold. Its antiviral properties have also been reported to help with headaches, body aches, and nasal congestion.

If concerned with the medical validations of some of these remedies, I suggest conducting your own research.

Here is an interesting infographic illustrating the level of side effects experienced from some of the most popular cold remedies.


So, what are some of your favorite natural remedies?

Infographic via Healthline

Image via Youtube