Colbie Caillat Admits Own Insecurities


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Colbie Caillat's recent music video for her song Try has inspired girls and women of all ages to be themselves. The video and song are about being yourself and being confident in the way you look and comfortable in your own skin.

Colbie said that she hoped the video would show women and girls that they don't have to always wear a lot of makeup or spend hours on their hair and wardrobe in order to look and feel good.

Although the video's message is clear, Colbie recently admitted that she had some insecurities while making the video. She wasn't sure how she felt about filming the video without makeup and without it being edited and Photoshopped.

In the video Colbie and several other women of all ages take off their makeup slowly and show how confident they are in spite of not wearing it.

"I’m used to always being Photoshopped and caked on with makeup, and when I started out with no makeup and I was just sitting there with these lights on and everyone was looking at me on the cameras, I was just all insecurities," said Caillat.

The video went viral and has been viewed over 17 million times on YouTube. The success of the video has been surprising to Caillat, but she says she is happy that it is inspiring so many women.

"I felt liberated once the video was out and it's really affected people so positively. I’m just so happy I did it," she explained.

She also talked about the women who starred in the video with her and how proud she was of them.

"They were so beautiful and comfortable, standing there with a smile as they were singing with no makeup on," she said. "They weren’t hiding in their own skin, they were just like, 'Yeah, this is me.'"

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Image via Wikimedia Commons