Coke About to Get Sour

    January 7, 2005

Coca-Cola Co. plans to launch a lime-flavored version of Coca-Cola early this year.

This is apprently in an effort to boost sales of of their product which haven’t been living up to their hopes.

“Many people already enjoy a slice of lime with their Coca-Cola so it seemed only natural to include a splash of lime flavor in our flagship brand,” said senior VP, Randy Ransom.

The launch of Coca-Cola with Lime follows the successful roll out one year ago of Diet Coke with Lime, which according to a press release has become the #1 flavored diet cola in America. The launch kicks off a year of innovation for The Coca-Cola Company which will include a range of offerings across all beverage categories.

Coca-Cola with Lime will be supported by an extensive marketing campaign. They plan to reveal further details on launch plans closer to the introduction.

John Sicher, editor of Beverage Digest says, “I think it will create news around the trademark and it will certainly generate some volume, but I don’t see this as a blockbuster product.”

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