CodeWeavers Crosses Over To Intel-based Macs

    June 22, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The makers of software that allows Windows applications to run on the Linux platform will support the new Intel-based Macs.

CodeWeavers will take its software porting capabilities and include future support for Windows to Macintosh applications. The impact of this decision means smaller developers of Windows applications will have a new market for their products.

“Apple’s decision to shift to Intel chips is good news for many Windows developers who, for reasons of time and/or expense, have never created Mac versions of their key applications,” said Jeremy White, CEO of CodeWeavers.

“CodeWeavers can give these developers a low-cost and near-instant path to market through the use of CrossOver technology.”

Over 100,000 Linux users globally use the company’s CrossOver Office product, which allows them to run Microsoft Office seamlessly on their workstations. And Windows developers have benefited by being able to easily port their applications over to run on Linux.

The CrossOver tool requires an Intel chip to work optimally, a function that precluded CodeWeavers from previously offering CrossOver for the Mac, which is essentially a Unix platform under a pretty interface.

Now that Steve Jobs has announced Apple will switch from IBM’s PowerPC chips to an Intel processor, CodeWeavers can bring their attention to the new Macs.

For Mac users, CrossOver will mean a whole new range of software previously unavailable to them can be run on their preferred hardware.

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