Codename Max Signs Off

    November 6, 2006

Microsoft abrubtly ends its popular year long endeavor known as the Codename Max project, leaving some users puzzled.

Photo paper burns, but software is forever. At least that is what the subscribers of the photo sharing software known as Microsoft Codename Max thought. After only a year of allowing its members to create and share photo albums online, Microsoft suddenly pulled the plug on the project.

Codename Max was a photo sharing program which used a direct connection to other program users, as oppesed to being web-based. Aspects of the program, such as the speedy creation of photo lists and 3D space displays, were well received by users.

Microsoft put a halt to the Codename Max project after a year, as explained in an October 31st blog, because they had “accomplished the goals of the project”. Max’s goals were to gain customer feedback on approaching their software and services.

The goal of the project was reached due to “fantastic feedback that we’ve incorporated not only into Max, but into the platform layer with the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)”.

Users of Max do not seem to be as thrilled by the fact that Microsoft achieved its goals, in fact most users seem to be rather upset by the termination of the program. The general feeling toward the program’s demise seems to be reflected in the blogs on the Microsoft Max page.

A blog written by program user Wouter Schut on November 1st stating, “This is Microsoft not caring about customers and progress.”, summarizes the majority of the users’s sentiments.

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Autmn Davis is a staff writer for WebProNews covering ebusiness and technology.