CNN’s New Domain and Other Topics

    January 21, 2008

There is a lot going on this week and it is only Monday, January 21st 2007. I thought I would catch you up on some of the interesting, totally unrelated things, not in any order of importance. I considered covering each of these items today, but

CNN Markets Domain Name but Fails to Turn It On

Yes, you’re reading that right. CNN bought for $750,000 and according to sources they’re actually running commercials on telling people to go to But apparently the marketing department failed to tell the IT department to actually change the DNS and make the site live. OOPS! Take a look at the screen capture below:

So much for getting a website live. Last time I tried, I had a domain name purchased and up and running with content within 15 minutes. At least you could redirect it to in the meantime. Sheesh!

Oilman Todd Friesen Leaving Range Online Media
Todd Friesen has announced that he is leaving Range Online Media and going to Visible Technologies. That’s big news in the Search Marketing community.

11 Must Read Social Media Blogs
SEO 2.0 is out with a great post about 11 social media blogs that you need to read. What’s interesting is that I, too, am seeing that many blogs are now changing their focus. spam Goes Grey Hat

Courtesy of Mr. Wolf, has noticed that there’s a bunch of old-style text on the homepage of Wow, that sure does bring back memories of SEO circa 1997.

Sphinn traffic

Watching Sphinn

Maybe it’s just me, but someone has too much time on their hands if you’re spending time watching Sphinn. Sure, it’s useful information to have, and I probably will use the data that they’ve outlined here. I, like the other SEOs, like Sphinn. I guess if you’re going to sphinn something then you ought to be doing it on Thursday.