CNN To Offer New Podcasts

    June 20, 2006

In an effort to attract a younger demographic, CNN is set to launch a new series of podcasts. The Cable News Network already offers some more traditional content in podcast form, but the fresh offerings will be of a decidedly more offbeat variety.

CNN To Offer New Podcasts
CNN Podcasts Now Available

Podcasts have featured radio-type programming for some time now, and other uses have evolved. Some university professors, for instance, have made their lectures available as podcasts. But in the hands of CNN, these audio programs were always fairly tame events. Two of the company’s mainstay podcasts were “News Update” and “Business update.”

Lately, CNN has been getting more creative. Recent podcasts have included “Finding the Right Groove at Michigan,” in which the latest developments at Michigan Speedway are under discussion. “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” takes a gander at “the unusual side of the news.” And “The Ali V Podcast” examined such topics as “stock options, erectile dysfunction and taking on the phone company.”

CNN’s latest round of podcasts will offer even more variety. The Grist, hosted by Jarrett Bellini, is described by Mike Shields of Mediaweek as a “Daily Show-esque satire.” In an interview in Shields’s article, David Payne,’s senior vice president and general manager, ads, said, “The Grist is really pushing the boundaries for us. We’re trying to reach an audience that is not our typical audience. You have to recognize that young adults relate differently to news organizations. They have different expectations.”

It should be interesting to see whether or not CNN’s new podcasts are successful. Either way, they indicate the company’s willingness to adapt.

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