CNN Seeking Consumer-Generated Media

    July 6, 2005

To help celebrate its 10th anniversary online, the CNN web site has created a special section entitled Online Evolution.

CNN wants to know how the Internet has changed your life. They are accepting submissions here. In addition to the standard, web-based form, they also encourage readers to submit audio, video and visuals to tell their story.

The section is packed full with some great statistics, as well as some historic blasts from the past. My personal favorite is the list of bombastic dot com ventures that went belly-up. Perhaps this is because I am still in PR group therapy, along with Jeremy Pepper, working through my dot com days?

Regardless, be sure to submit your CGM to this roundup. It should be interesting to hear the podcasts submitted, if only because of the 1MB audio file restriction. Is it me, or is the literary equivalent of a 1MB podcast a haiku?

CNN’s Online Evolution

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