CNN Resets Its Home Page

    March 27, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Several changes on CNN’s website embrace a look and feel that puts a lot of emphasis on above-the-fold navigation and presentation options.

Tabbed content and horizontal navigation show up as the newest features in the relaunch of the CNN website. Visitors to can hit the various content areas, as well as podcasts and videos, more easily from the revamped site.

The tabs let users switch between Top Stories and Most Popular in the Latest News section. Tabs have their place in CNN’s video options, as well. The free video section has tabs for Most Popular and Best Video, while the premium video service, CNN Pipeline, offers live video and a tab explaining how the premium service works.

The changes do resemble the way the Washington Post’s looks, with a photo and feature story on the left side of the page, several latest news headlines in the center, and an advertisement box on the right. All of the elements appear above-the-fold, with further content available by scrolling.

Placing the ad box on the right side of the page follows a long-held truism among print media: people’s eyes tend to start at the top right of a page. Portals like AOL, Yahoo, and MSN do this too.

Gadgetopia blogged its observation that’s fixed width of 980 pixels shows how it has moved past developing content to fit 800×600. The blog suggests it may be time for other sites to do the same.

CNN’s new changes fit well on laptop screens, where stock video cards tend to max out at 1024×768 in the models more commonly toted around by CNN’s wide audience of business users.


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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.