CNN, Disney Zapped By Zotob

    August 16, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

Multiple systems at several site in the country experienced worm-related shutdowns, and were likely Zotob-related.

It looks like a couple of major media companies will be A) hiring some fresh faces for newly created openings in their IT departments and B) subscribing to some technology-related newsletters so they’ll get some extra advance warning about rising security threats to computer systems.

A Bloomberg report says CNN sites in Atlanta and New York, and Disney’s ABC studios in New York and Los Angeles, went through some unexpected shutdowns of computer systems. Spokespersons from both networks quoted in the article did not have information on the particular worm or virus that caused the problem.

Microsoft disclosed a flaw in its Plug and Play feature on August 9th. Security firms like Sophos began reporting on exploits of that flaw in the wild on August 14th. Microsoft made a patch available when it dispersed the security bulletin detailing the vulnerability.

Patch management firms like Shavlik will probably begin to see more interest in their services. With hackers rapidly turning announced flaws into dangerous exploits, centralized management and verification of patch installations on large computer networks may become a solution in greater demand.

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