CNET, Yahoo Make Friends

    April 24, 2008

A lot of people are at least familiar with CNET, but starting soon, Yahoo is going to introduce the site to even more of them.  CNET and Yahoo should announce a new content and advertising deal sometime this afternoon.

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 Yahoo & CNET Collaborating On Site Project

If Yahoo’s tech sites were CNET competitors in the past, they’ll now act to highlight its articles.  Kara Swisher reports, "[S]ources at both companies said a large swath of CNET tech news and also reviews will be carried on Yahoo, making it the major supplier of tech news content to the site."

Furthermore, "Yahoo will sell some of CNET’s remnant inventory and also allow CNET ad sales staff to sell into some areas of Yahoo."

Since neither Yahoo nor CNET is in the best shape, it’s almost "aww"-inducing that the two are trying to help each other out.  It makes sense, too – despite their business troubles, both remain relatively popular, and sharing audiences and advertisers, instead of trying to hoard them, could help.

If any money was exchanged or timetables set, the figures haven’t yet been made public.  And although Microsoft (and/or Steve Ballmer) seems ready to comment on Yahoo’s every move, that corporation hasn’t made a peep regarding the matter, either.