CNET Stays One Step Ahead

    February 25, 2004

CNET Networks, a leading global media company, added sparks to the DMA/AIM conference earlier today.

CNET currently has 65 million unique users and offers six print magazines. Working hard to penetrate foreign markets, it has two online sites and over 300 employees in China alone.

The company’s main focus is high quality destinations. It targets people who are passionate about certain topics and this focus is key to CNET’s success.

The level of attention and the value CNET places on content is another leading factor. CNET strives to understand given categories and be leaders in providing information about those categories.

CNET is also very big on advertisement innovation and came up with three of the four recently adopted advertising formats.

Some insiders believe CNET is a company to keep an eye on in the future of online marketing.

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