CNET Heats up Digital Photo Space

    April 6, 2005

Congrats to James Park. He’s president of Windup Labs. That’s the company that did HeyPix and they just sold to CNET.

CNET’s Acquisition

This might just be a bigger photo deal than Flickr going to Yahoo. Here’s why.

It’s joining Webshots. Now, don’t know about Webshots? I didn’t either until recently. But Webshots has 23 million members (Flickr has less than a million). and they get 750,000 uploads a day. More uploads in five days than Flickr has had in all of its existence. And HeyPix’s team is going to add on some killer new technology to Webshots, James tells me. (He showed me his app at a geek dinner earlier in the year and we’ve kept in touch since then).

One other thing? HeyPix is a .NET app. So, nice to see .NET developers doing well in the marketplace.

The digital photography space continues to heat up. Who’s next?

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