CM Punk Leaving WWE May Be Hoax


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Professional wrestling is full of slang terms used in "the business" to refer to specific people or turns in the story. One that fans may soon become more familiar with is "worked shoot", which may be what CM Punk and company are pulling.

It was quite a shock when CM Punk (born Phillip Jack Brooks) announced that he would be leaving the WWE so close to Wrestlemania, the company's biggest events. However, almost immediately fans began to question whether or not what they had just seen was the reality of an elaborate hoax. After all, CM Punk has rallied against the WWE and the McMahon family that owns and operates it in the past, and all of the apparent anger had been scripted, written into the story to make him appear to be a rebel.

If the move is indeed a hoax, then it would be what is known as a "worked shoot" in wrestling circles, a mere wrinkle in the storyline. While experts on the subject think that he is, in fact, angry at the company, they also seriously doubt that he will stay away from the limelight. After all, he is one of the company's most well-known faces and sells a fair amount of merchandise. Leaving at this point, while it may satisfy a personal desire, would be bad for business on both sides.

Wrestlemania is coming up in only three months, meaning that the storyline must move quickly if CM Punk is going to participate in the events. Although, having grown up a fan. I would put my money on a dramatic reappearance during a major bout at Wrestlemania where CM Punk rides in to save the day.

Wrestling may not be real, but it knows how to deliver big time, over the top drama to its viewers.

[Image via The Fumble]