ClipBlast Partners With MSN Video

    August 28, 2007

Video search platform ClipBlast, has formed an alliance with MSN Video. Under the agreement, ClipBlast will automatically index MSN Video content.

By indexing new clips from MSN Video on ClipBlast, viewers will be able to browse news, sports and entertainment streamed from NBC and MSNBC, Food Network, HGTV, National Geographic and MTV Networks.

"ClipBlast! gives people a new way to find exactly what they want from MSN Video," said Karin Muskopf, product manager MSN.

"This powerful search platform brings the entire Web under its roof, and we’re delighted to be recognized by ClipBlast! as an important platform provider."

MSN Video features online entertainment events, including coverage of the Golden Globe awards and the Live Earth concerts. Other offerings include user-generated video to content created for MSN Originals. MSN Video had 10.3 million unique visitors in July 2007, according to Nielsen/NetRatings.

"With extensive content relationships of its own, MSN Video delivers a wide variety of content from its network to ClipBlast!," said Gary Baker, founder and CEO of ClipBlast!

"We’re bringing people the entire Video Web, and letting people find the latest content on MSN Video is a key part of that process. Forging relationships with top-notch platform partners like MSN Video makes our search/browse/watch capabilities that much more compelling."