Clinton Set To Launch Sites Attacking Obama


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The campaign of Senator Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y. is set to launch two Web sites that will be focused on attacking her biggest political threat, Senator Barack Obama, D. -Ill.

Clinton Set To Launch Sites Attacking Obama

 Votingpresent.com and Votingpresent.org are domains hosted by the same IP address as official Clinton Web sites, like TheHillaryIKnow.com, which was launched this week.

The Clinton campaign is taking specific issue with Obama for having at times voted "present" as an Illinois state legislator when it came to controversial legislation.

Obama spokesman Bill Burton said," "Among the thousands of votes he cast in the Illinois Senate, he used the present vote on occasions when he believed bills were drafted in an unconstitutional manner."

"On other occasions, he voted present as part of legislative strategies, such as ones crafted by pro-choice forces in Illinois to thwart maneuvering by the opponents of a woman’s right to choose."

Clinton has used these present votes to portray Obama as a talker and not someone who takes action. "I don’t think people want a lot of talk about change," she told Iowans early this month according to abcnews.com. "I think they want someone with a real record-a doer, not a talker. After eight years of incompetence, they don’t want false hope, they want real results."

A Clinton campaign official defends the attack Web sites noting that Obama’s campaign has a Web site called HillaryAttacks.BarackObama.com, which tracks criticisms Clinton has made about the senator.

It’s not clear when the Clinton attack sites will go live.

Clinton Set To Launch Sites Attacking Obama
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  • Wax

    People just say it doesnt matter, but clearly it does. I am from south carolina and a black man. I am proud of the support and colorblindness my state has shown in the democratic primary here. It show that South Carolinians have moved forward in equality in humanity, not what my parents and so many other families have faced in the past. keep in mind that slave trade began in Charleston SC.I am not saying it doesnt exist here anymore, Im saying we are all Gods’ children. We prayed together on 9/11 and forgot about racisim. We are not the enemy. I love this country dispite the struggles in the past. You catagorize Sin. Barack Obama as black failing to see that he is what the country needs. Someone who is from both worlds. To me that should represent unity not rejection. Please people, none of us are perfect, only our Lord and Savior. Look into your hearts as Christians and put hate aside and change not only the way the government is, but yourselves as well.         


                           Fairfax, SC

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