Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama’s Speech?

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Hillary Clinton is earning some notoriety among web trolls today as a video makes its way around the circuit of her apparently catching a few z’s during President Obama’s speech in Myanmar on Monday.

The president was the first American leader to visit Myanmar, as well as Cambodia, and gave an inspirational speech to the audience at the University of Yangon.

“You’re taking a journey that has the potential to inspire so many people,” Obama said.

Apparently, jet-lag was enough to keep the Secretary of State a little sleepy during the oration, as it appears she nodded off for a moment.

Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama’s Speech?
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  • uman

    only international travelers can understand what jet lag does to your body. It’s way different than traveling within the 48 states. this country is about 8 hours ahead and therefore it was probably around midnight or early dawn in the US.

    • X

      Agree 100% Even East coast to West coast can be tough… Not a fan of her’s but he deserves a break here.

  • Anchram


  • Richie

    Hillary Clinton Can Fall asleep at my place… Anytime But I think she Was Just Resting Her Eyes……I Do It>>>>>>>>

  • Paul

    Sleep on girl…I can’t think of a better time to do it.

    • Shut up Paul

      Why don’t you shut the hell up Paul you dumb azz

  • Jo

    Maybe she’s praying!!!!

  • ducarey

    Whether sleep or just resting her eyes….she’s done an outstanding job.
    Good job on working on the Israel/Palestine issue.

    • alicia

      Agree 100 percent

  • Benny

    It’s a definite tell-tell sign that she should be in the Senate.

  • Benny

    Also that she may be a Republican deep in her heart. For once and possibly the only time in her history, Hillary…..you make me proud!!

    • GTH Benny

      STFU Benny you loser. No one is proud of you, you are an idiotic moron who needs to die now.

  • Luis

    AH? Reminds me of a Princess who fell asleep at Buckingham- Then announcement A PRINCE IS ON THE WAY!!!!! Woudn’t that be something at 60+ Chelsi to be a SISTEEEER>

    • Shut up Luis

      No she is not pregnant. She flies around the world. Where do you kooks come from??

  • http://yahoo cindy wright

    So what if Hillary needed a nap. She works VERY, VERY HARD AND IS VERY, VERY SMART!!! Women should respect her!

  • http://yahoo Mary Ann Charles

    If any of us has worked as hard as she for this ole USA and been under the pressure she has been under for so many years would be tired too!! The old saying, walk a mile in my shoes. She is human, has be wonderful for us and no one will ever do better!!!! Thank you for your service for all of us here even through so many dare not thankful for what they should be for but God will take care of them!!!! She has more brains in her little finger than most of the politicians in Washington.Go Obama and Mrs,Obama, may God bless and watch over you for another 4 years while you watch over us and get rid of the B”S that try to corupt our people!!

    • bill

      She needs to quit screwiong Obummer and get some rest. Obummer has a new screw now, Susan Rice.

      • F.O. Bill

        Bill why don’t you just go lie down in a grave and cover yourself with dirt NOW! You are a waste of a life.

  • Heather

    give her a break she just came from a long flight from the US to Asia then that same day a 10 plus hour flight to Israel then back to Asia again!

  • john ocon

    Let her sleep-i don’t doubt she deserves to catch a few Z’s’-Try doing her job 24/7: She has amazing resilience-It’s ok Ms Clinton.

  • miss m

    Wow she has went across the world she deserves to rest a minute, honest the media is always fast to point out something small and meaningless. How about pointing out how she was up and going and doing her job. Thank you Mrs. Clinton for doing a great job!

  • Sarah

    This is silly. She just resolved the Middle East crisis, and you’re reporting that her eyelids closed for a few seconds.

    • tom

      Yea Sarah, what did she resolve? You mean to tell me it’s all over? We never have to worry about terrorists again? No more bombing? Oh thank God for Hil……Yea right

  • brianna

    well we all have our ways to ignore the BS Obama says

  • tiabear

    The woman has been traveling… ahes tired… and.. listening to Obama is like listening to my fifth grade science teacher

  • http://yahoo.com RobM

    I am sure she is travel weary, but yeah, this president is one of the most redundant and void of rhetorical meaning ever.

  • georgiegirl

    She was resting her eyes!

  • tom black

    She is old and FAT what do you expect

    • Shut up Tom Black

      You are old, FAT and DUMB you moronic idiotic douche!!

  • ddd

    Who wouldn’t fall asleep listening to the ‘Liar-In-Chief’ of the U.S.?

    • GTH ddd


  • Jim Rossi

    Don’t worry Hilary, O-dont-blame-me bores me to sleep also.

  • Becca

    She was exhausted .. Really this is news .. how stupid

  • Alan

    Boredom and repetition will always put you to sleep.

    IT appears the Obama team brought the right electrical plugs to convert from our standard ( 3 prong , to 4 ), so his teleprompters worked. What a Joke.

  • http://yahoo ruby la londe

    I’d get her a pillow and a blanket if I could, she works so hard for us americans. shes great at what she does. Her and bill both. (can’t forget bill, no way no how ) put the poor girl to bed somebody.

  • jim

    she’s a worthless douche anyways..

    • greta r

      What an ignorant response. She’s done more in the last few days in Israel than you could probably hope to accomplish in your lifetime.

    • T.C.

      Have to respect the voice of experience.

  • gia

    Because she is doing all the work with Israel/Gaza and no doubt Obama will take credit for it. He seems wide awake doesn’t he. Very telling.

  • Gary B

    The comments are interesting, but for some guy to say, she’s a worthless douche anyways” That was just rude. I wonder if he likes any women. Discriminatory remarks should be left out….state the facts and not some off the wall comment.

  • horace

    She was probably jet lagging.

  • TheBride

    Oh gimme a break. She’s tired and jet-lagged. This is news????? How small-minded can we get? Move on.

  • http://renegadehomebiz.com/getaccessnow/ Joseph Wilson

    Dammit–they’re still talking about this…

  • http://119eng.com/ 119ENG

    She’s probably heard the same speech rendered plenty of times so why not catch some zzzzzs. Maybe she was just tired. Why such a fuss?

  • Romano

    It can be the speed of the camera shutter caught her blinking rather than asleep and for this to go line speaks volume of the character of the people behind this website.

  • Sydney Vilen

    Nothing new here. She and Bill both fell asleep during Reagan’s funeral services at the National Cathedral in D.C. Our leaders are very tired. Does not portend well.

  • http://yahoo susan nielson

    She’s leaving his cabinet anyway–and why listen to “The Big O” Blah, Blah, Blah. She has been a busy woman, let her sleep. He doesn’t have anything to say that she wants to hear!! Kudos Hilary!!

    • http://Yahoo John Corbin

      Of course she has a right to sleep, because she`s thinking about the plan of the President to groom her to take his place in 2016. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!

  • http://yahoo Judy

    I feel bad for her. She is not a young woman and does a ton of travelling. Cut her some slack.

  • Johny

    Why not sleep, she probably wrote the speech for him.

    • TBD

      And you know that how?? It amazes me how average yahoos act like they know these people (politicians/entertainers/atheletes) personally!

  • Richard Patterson

    This woman works hard for this country!!!! She pretty much can do what she wants, long as she’s takin’ care of business!!!! Leave the lady alone. A snooze here and there shouldn’t bother anybody anyway. She deserves a break every now and then.

  • T.C.

    She just turned 65, and she nodded during a droning speech. Big whoop.

  • jan

    Are you kidding me! The woman has just brokered peace for the middle east Get off her back!

  • Rudy

    I don’t go to sleep when Obama speaks, I change the channel or cut the damn thing off.

    • TBD

      That’s your choice… He’s still the president whether you listen or not!

  • Ann

    I’ve never seen anyone fall asleep in that position without their head dropping forward. Big deal about nothing. Jet lag probably making her feel drowsy. Nothing wrong with catching five to stay alive!

  • annalisa

    Why all the fuss? Why not? Look at what the media did with Bush, Romney, Ryan, and any other person they like to pick on. Equal time.

    • Ta

      Yes she does…

  • auntiebod

    Leave her alone!!!! The woman works very very hard for the people in this country!!!

  • Brady

    I am a Republican and lean far right fiscally. That being said, H.Clinton will never be replaced as world-leader. Her work ethic and schedule are not comprehensible.

    • June

      I’d fall asleep too if I had to sit and listen to Obama.

  • Mark Zamcheck

    What is the point here?
    Exhausted workers (and she is a worker to be lionized) need rest in spite of the agenda?

  • Echo

    She deserves the extra Zzz’s!

  • Jacob

    Like the rest of us, she was just tired of Obama’s bullsh..

  • E Banks

    She had jet lag. For anyone who has flown out of this country, further than Mexico, you know what that is like. Let’s be thankful that the President did not fall asleep “doing” his speech.

  • Bob

    who cares. she works long hours and anyone else would have already fallen asleep. I’m a conservative, but tired of all of this stuff. we need a new media and a new govt. this is all a joke.

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