Clint Eastwood Seeks To Avoid Spousal Support

    December 21, 2013
    Toni Matthews-El
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Clint Eastwood has moved to make sure his ex-wife, Dina, will not be getting any spousal support after she filed for divorce in October. In addition to submitting a request to avoid alimony payments, the Hollywood legend has also filed for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s 16-year-old daughter, Morgan. Dina had sought full custody in the divorce. The Gran Torino star recently revealed that the relationship between Dina and himself had soured roughly a year and a half ago and that they had been separated since mid 2012.

According to TMZ, Clint Eastwood’s request that the court deny his former spouse alimony is based on an pre-nup that was signed ahead of the marriage. Eastwood has a very good reason to be concerned. He is worth an estimated $375 million dollars. If the divorce court ignores the agreement, that entitles his ex-wife of 16 years to half of everything that Eastwood owns. Full custody would no doubt also mean more money in the form of child support payments.

The 83-year-old actor is no stranger to expensive legal separations. The divorce from his first wife Maggie Johnson in 1984 cost over $23 million dollars.

The newest former Mrs. Eastwood has had a tough go of things this year. A few months before filing for divorce, she checked into rehab in order to cope with depression and anxiety. This could have played a major role in her decision to call it quits in October.

The official reason given for the divorce was “irreconcilable differences”, but it’s possible more details will be revealed as both parties dig in their heels for the fight ahead. With the combination of a custody battle and spousal support on the line, we’re likely to find out just how irreconcilable those differences really are.

If things go terribly for Clint Eastwood on the spousal support front, he can take comfort in knowing he will not have had the most expensive divorce settlement in Hollywood history. That unique honor is thus far held by Mel Gibson, who split half his then estimated $850 million with his wife in the 2011 divorce.

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  • divdad

    Stay With It Clint. You make the money and support your lifestyle. She can go get a job like the rest of us and support herself. Too Many People Are DRAINING OTHERS OF MONEY AND POSITION Because They Are Too LAZY XXX To Get A Job. This Country is in the Toilet Because Too Many People Depend On Others for what they shouldn’t.

  • All So Hypocritical

    I get tired of gold digging women who think it is a man’s responsibility to take care of them for life. It is not. When a marriage is over, it is over. You go your own way. No one forced you into the marriage. It was your choice. Besides, all of them have millions and should live quite comfortably for the rest of their gold digging lives.

    The courts go by the rule of “keeping people in a situation the are accustomed to”. Sorry, but life changes for people. There is no guarantee of keeping things the way it has always been.

    I mean you married for love and not for comfort didn’t you ladies? Love, that is right?

    • kris

      Really ? Gold digging women ? How quaint, very 70’s of your thinking.

      I know a couple, who when they divorced – she had to pay him 10 grand a month in alimony plus an expensive car. He rarely worked during their marriage, did NOT take care of the kids or house while at home though.

      Ruiz quit her career after she and Eastwood married. She had a kid (16 now, child support is typically only paid until child turns 18, so 2 more yrs) He has a total of 7 children from 5 different women. Hardly a bastion of virtue.

      Statistically married men :
      * Live longer
      * Earn more money (than single men)
      * Marry again sooner after divorce (than women)
      * Have fewer “life style” changes than women (don’t quit their jobs to raise the children)

      Marriage benefits men more than women, despite the fact that they complain about marriage more and are typically/generally the first to be negative than women when it comes to divorce proceedings.

      In other words, I did not hear of or read about this upcoming divorce until Eastwood made stuff public. He might be a talented actor and a very talented director, but I suspect, given his track record, he is probably quite difficult to live with, perhaps even a jerk.

      But hey, just call women gold diggers. You evidently are a misogynist.

  • LMG

    Shame on you Clint. You have turned into an old codger of a person.

    • http://Yahoo.com pathfinder47

      If he has turned into an old codger then why would she marry him? Consider that first she is much younger than him. It was not stars she had in her eyes it was wealth an recognition.

      • kris

        You point out she was much younger … maybe he was a leering perverted old man. Betcha never conceived that might be the shoe on the other foot.

  • http://Yahoo.com pathfinder47

    Same old divorce lingo irreconcilable differences in other words I am in it for the money!

  • Jayne

    She’s younger than he is and can get a job. That silly reality show she had can be used against her in a custody battle. Those shows are awful.

  • http://www.e-interestingfacts.com Victor Samson

    For all celebrities marriages or divorce is a GRAND affair.
    Be it their marriage or divorce

    However clint is not the first person who tried to stop the alimony. Others too have tried but failed. Take a look at this list of top 10 divorce in history – http://www.e-interestingfacts.com/10-most-expensive-divorces-of-all-times/

  • Sable Senegal

    Clint is just a hard ass old man.why these dingaling broads keep marrying and having kids with him bewilders me.he just isn’t husband material.