Clint Eastwood Releasing New Movie

    August 16, 2014
    Lacy Langley
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Clint Eastwood is surprising fans this year with the early Christmas release of American Sniper starring Bradley Cooper. The movie wasn’t expected to be released until next year.

The movie is about the greatest sniper in American military history, Chris Kyle, who has 160 confirmed kills, although he claimed 255.

He died last year, ironically, when a 25-year-old mentally unstable veteran shot him during a rampage.

Along with Bradley Cooper, the new Clint Eastwood movie will star Sienna Miller, Max Charles, Luke Grimes and Kyle Gallner.


Steven Spielberg was going to direct the movie but dropped out. Clint Eastwood took over. While Spielberg would have most definitely done a great job, Eastwood is nothing to sneeze at.


Obviously he will do great and the movie will be a success, but Clint Eastwood has a few other things to worry about at the moment.

His girlfriend, Christina Sandera, who worked as a hostess at his Mission Ranch Hotel, is pushing him to finalize his divorce from his third wife, Dina. That divorce is reportedly going to cost Clint a solid $375 million dollars.

Eastwood is rumored to be fighting to hold her to the pre-nup she signed before they were married.

But sources say Dina isn’t having it. She now knows that Clint Eastwood moved his new girlfriend into the $20 million Carmel house that she was wanting to live it.

Dina was all set to move it, but…”Now Clint’s new girlfriend is there playing queen,” the source said.

The source say’s Clint Eastwood’s ex-wife is “not happy, and the divorce has exploded.”

Poor Clint Eastwood. Will he be able to clear up this mess so that he will be remembered for his great movies instead of his messy love life? He’s not getting any younger. Time to give it some thought!

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  • Tamara hope

    I love Clint, he still has it! I thought his ex dumped him cause of his age, but he showed her! But he maybe in for a bumpy ride, his ex sounds like she is in it for the money!

  • Linda

    If Dina signed a pre-nup, it should be honored. It is a “contract”. Don’t be selfish Dina.


    Kyle said 255, if he said 255 it is 255. A sniper does not lose count. I did not. I remember every shot.

  • billrowland

    That’s what he gets for marrying an Octaroon.

  • begotnot

    He used to be a great actor before he became a big chill, now I dislike how easily he was bought. No need for granddad westerns.

  • jaxx1108

    Clint is divorcing his SECOND wife!!! Geeeeeeez! Sloppy journalism…smh

  • Greg Seidel

    The greatest American sniper was Carlos Norman Hathcock. He mastered day long stalks and survived being the most wanted man in Vietnam. He got very few gimmies in his total of 93 confirmed kills and had hundreds of probables that were not able to be confirmed because no other group would work as deep in Indian country as Carlos.

    Raw numbers do not always tell the tale.

    But then again I may be biased. He was my instructor, my mentor and when he was 60 years old and suffering from MS there were very few who would have wanted to test him in the field.

  • disqus_U7okUHgU6C

    I used to like his movies. After disrespecting our President, I will not see anything he does in the future. My money will stay in my pocket!

  • James Calvin

    Hey, You old man! Leave the post-pubescent chicks alone. Stick with your present wife.

  • Vin Smith

    Nobody abides by contracts any more. Pre-nups “t’ain’t worth the paper they are scratched on,” an attorney buddy told me. The key for Hollywood types is either to be spectacularly unsuccessful (no millions to lose to conniving women), or stay single.

  • IT 2 IT 001

    Second hand, system dictated ‘controversy?
    ——————–dubious ‘reality as it happens’?
    ——————————-in 2014?
    —————————————–with ALLLL that’s NOT being treated?

    And WHY is NO ONE asking WHY Eastwood
    has ‘mysteriously overlooked’ –ANY– treatment
    of the now awesomely relevant,
    ———————–21st century DEFINING
    ———————————————– – – – -KOREAN WAR?

  • IT 2 IT 678

    EASTWOOD delivering second hand, People magazine ‘controversy’.

    EASTWOOD —–‘mysteriusly overlooking’ the wesomely relevant
    60th anniversary of the KOREAN WAR. . .