Climate Change: Could It Be Bad For Your Health?


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Everyone has heard about the negative effects of climate change, but just how bad can things really get?

According to several new studies, climate change could actually be bad for your health.

One study claims that the rising temperatures will lead to more heat-related illnesses such as heat strokes and heart attacks.

"Nearly every place east of the Rocky Mountains will see an increase in extreme hot days in the years to come," said lead author Dr. Jonathan Patz, director of the Global Health Institute at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. "Urban areas like New York City and Milwaukee are expected to triple the number of extremely hot days they currently have."

Respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, hunger and mental health problems are also likely to increase in response to climate change, according to the study.

Climate change will also affect how crops are grown and could cause a produce shortage, leading to hunger problems and even economic problems.

This Sunday there were more than 2,000 climate marches held around the world to help raise awareness of the problem that. Demonstrators hope that people will see how bad the situation is and help put a stop to pollution.

Patz said that by reducing the use of fossil fuels, the world could benefit in several different ways.

"The health benefits could be up to tenfold more valuable than the cost in going to cleaner energy," Patz said. "You're doing it to reduce climate change, but at the same time you get major public health dividends."

Patz said that everyone needs to act now to stop pollution and help slow down climate change.