Clicky Integrates Feedburner RSS Stats

    May 2, 2007

Web analytics vendor Clicky announced on their blog today that they have integrated Feedburner RSS stats for your site into the Clicky interface.

One thing I’ve complained about in the past as a publisher is having to use so many different tools and services to fully manage, monitor, and monetize your website. Previous to today, if I wanted to look at my Clicky stats and also my Feedburner RSS stats I have to login to two different interfaces. Now since Clicky has used the Feedburner API by supply them my feed and login it pulls my data into the Clicky interface saving me time and headache. I should also note that this is only possible because Feedburner make an API available to do this, so a hat tip to them for being so open.

“WAIT!” you scream, because Feedburner already has normal web analytics integrated into their interface so why do I need to even use Clicky? Well, I like Clicky better, that’s why. If Feedburner didn’t have this API it’s thereotically possible that I would have stopped using them at some point or been less interested in my RSS data. But because I can see my Feedburner stats in Clicky, I’m much more interested in managing and monetizing my feeds to improve their value. It’s a win-win for both Clicky and Feedburner.