ClickTracks Deals

    October 19, 2006

ClickTracks is offering a discount on both ClickTracks Analyzer and ClickTracks Optimizer.

These are the company’s entry-level and mid-level web metrics products for small businesses and online marketers. ClickTracks Analyzer will be on sale for $295 (regularly $495) and ClickTracks Optimizer for $795 (regularly $1195) through October 31, 2006. The promo requires no coupon and details are at (The rest of the information is posted in a release at

ClickTracks and its new fellow subsidiaries are offering cross-company discounts. ClickTracks customers are receiving discounts on EmailLabs, Lyris and Hot Banana products. Users of Hot Banana, Lyris or EmailLabs products can get 20% discounts on ClickTracks hosted web analytics products. The company is promising that integrations among the products are due in 6-18 months. Details are posted at (The rest of the information is posted in a release at


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