Click Fraud – A Tired Topic?

    July 19, 2007

Click Forensics has issued a new click fraud report, claiming the rate has increased to 15.8% compared from 14.1% last year.

Until this announcement, it appeared the debate had died, mostly due to greater transparency from Google and Yahoo about click fraud. Still, Click Forensics has a living to make, hence the need for more reports – this time claiming the increase is due to increased botnet activity.

I almost didn’t cover the news, but I just had to share Google’s response with you…

“These estimates continue to count clicks Google does not charge to advertisers as fraudulent, so they are not actually click fraud estimates. Furthermore, their estimates have never reflected the invalid click rates we see at Google. It is also worth nothing that in all of 2007, only two advertisers have contacted us regarding click fraud data from Click Forensics, and in both cases we found that the suspicious activity was not charged for in the first place.”

Google = 1

Click Forensics = 0