Cleveland Murders: Third Victim Identified

By: Amanda Crum - July 24, 2013

The third victim in the Cleveland murders has been identified as 18-year old Shirellda Terry.

Terry–along with 28-year old Shetisha Sheeley and 38-year old Angela Deskins–was reportedly the victim of 35-year old Michael Madison, who may have modeled the murders after another Ohio serial killer, Anthony Sowell. The women were found in three separate places that weren’t far from one another; Terry was wrapped in plastic and hidden in the garage of an apartment building. All three were subjected to severe decomposition, making it difficult for authorities to identify them.

Terry’s was the first body to be found last Friday, after residents complained of a foul odor around the garage. The two other women were found the next day, and police say they fear there may be more bodies found. Madison is being held on $6 million bond under charges of three counts of aggravated murder and three counts of kidnapping.

Madison allegedly had a fascination with Sowell, who killed 11 women and hid their bodies in his Cleveland home in 2010.

“Unfortunately, this is a sick individual who appears to have been influenced by another sick individual. If he had been out for one more hour, there’s no telling what would have happened. Some things that led us to believe that in some way, shape, or form, Sowell might be an influence,” East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton said.

It’s not known yet whether Madison knew the women or how he targeted them, but he was a known drug dealer and at least one of the victims–Deskins–had been arrested for marijuana possession at one time.

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  • Cindy

    I can’t believe President Obama hasn’t gotten his 2 sense into this like he did for Mr. Trayvon Martin. (The THUG)


      Just because he is president doesn’t mean he should not have an opinion, this country has freedom of speech.


        Please stop responding to the comments of ignorance. The only 2 people who know hat happened are George and Trayvon.

    • Starrchild

      The president has voiced his opinion on many social issues, that has hit home to just about everyone. Why is it because he is black, he can’t express his opinion or comment on the Martin/Zimmerman issue? Ask yourself…if President Bush been in the White House and put in his 2 cents, would you have made such a comment? Be real about your answer. Also, did you personally know Trayvon to call him a thug? It’s like me calling you a very ugly name and only know you from your comment above. That wouldn’t be fair, because I don’t know what is in your heart.

    • GirlBYE!

      Cindy ~

      You sound ignorant and stupid as the day is long….for ANYONE to even assume Zimmerman was NOT GUILTY, let’s see what happens if it’s YOUR child who’s stalked and then gunned down. Most people want to say that Zimmerman had a right to defend himself. WELL SO DID TRAYVON. Fact of the matter is, Zimmerman was the aggressor when he approached Martin. He had NO RIGHT to approach him, gun in hand asking any type of questions. Who the hell did he think he was? He was told to stay his ol thick self in the car, which he did not. HE APPROACHED SOMEONE WITH A GUN and you think Martin had no right to defend himself. You are effing mad GIRL because you’re no lady!


        Maybe “cindy” is not a lady???

  • http://yahoo Kendra

    Oh say it isn’t so blacks commiting a crime I am appalled !!!1

    • Dr. D

      Considering that most serial killers are WHITE, your racist comment is both ludicrous and inane.

      Why do you hate black people so much? Have you always been like that or did your parents teach you that blacks are bad?

  • Jay T

    Mr. Obama does not have anything to say about a sick person who feels the need to kill another person because he is trying to be like another sick person whose done the same thing earlier. However, Mr. Obama does have time to speak on the matter of a crazy killer who follows a young child at night in the rain and gets out of his car, and confronts the young child starts a fight with that child, and then finally kills that child in cold blood. Yes, Mr. Obama has time to speak on that matter stupid woman.

    • wakeup

      Did you bother to get the facts? Trayvon Martin had soaking wet knees and George Zimmerman had a soaking wet back. Trayvon CHOSE to attack Mr. Zimmerman after he was approached. The sad part of this is how perverted Obama has made it all by insinuating himself into it at all. Not to mention, that YES Mr. Zimmerman’s grandfather was BLACK. The media found that out the harf way when they conveniently tried to invent the term “White Hispanic.”

      • Janelle

        Lots of people have black ancestry that doesn’t mean they like black people. Some black people don’t like other black people so to say

        • Janelle

          Lots of people have black ancestry that doesn’t mean they like black people. Some black people don’t like other black people so to say Zimmerman isn’t racist against black people because his grandfather is black is humorous.


        That is not the point Zimmerman did not have to follow him and followed instruction and stayed in his car this would have not happen, this should not be about race but about a man that had nothing better to do but kill someone child for no reason, that child was not bothering Zimmerman he force the issue.


        You were there huh?

    • Andrea

      His name is PRESIDENT Obama, NOT mister.

  • Cameron Mitchell

    Cindy what made him a thug?


    you are an asshole if it was your child you would have different view, Zimmerman is a murder whether it was a black kid or white kid he still killed someone child for no reason.

  • MotherOf3

    It amazes me how judgemental majority of the people commenting are. I don’t know if you realize that every word that you type comes off as being racial. No matter what, everyone, in some shape or form, is racist. We all judge others. There are good and bad people in every race – every single one. Maybe if people excepted others for who they actually are as a person rather than the color of their skin, this world might be a little better. The Zimmerman trial brings this point to the forefront – regardless of what evidence people bring up to validate their point – Zimmerman should NOT have gotten out of his car. He may not have intentionally killed Trayvon, but he did none the less. He should not have been found not guilty because he was guilty of murdering someone, correct? The little boy is dead. Just because Trayvon didnt have the life style that you are used to, doesnt make him a THUG, didnt make him a bad person. To me, he seemed like a normal teenage kid. As far as this Cleveland murderer – why does Obama have to say anything about that? Would Bush or Clinton? Give me a break – people need to grow up and worry about their own life, their own problems and stop making this world a hateful place.

    • Tmac

      I stopped reading when I found you didn’t know the difference between “except” and “accept”. Geez.

      • MotherOf3

        how does using “Except” instead of “Accept” – take away from any point that was made? this discussion wasnt about who can use the biggest words or be more grammatically correct than the next person. Great comment and awesome job at sticking with the subject that is “actually” being discussed. Geez.

    • The Situation

      You’re being judgmental attacking everyone for their opinion on this matter and making absolutely no sense, your speaking out of anger which usually means you’re being dumb. I don’t care about your spelling, all I can see is you are being hypocritical (Big word, spelled properly)

      • JJ

        Right on “Situation”

    • Patti Jo Moon

      MotherOf3…I couldn’t agree more with you. I pray that people will look at a person from the inside, what they think, their favorite color, their favorite movie, etc. I know that will never happen but I have my dreams. I am also a mother of 3 beautiful boys, well their grown but their my boys. You are right about everything being about race and everyone is racist whether they want to admit it or not. I pride my self on looking at a person for who they are not their skin color. I hate it when people say “well what do expect, he’s a black man or asian or whatever.” It angers me cause there are bad people in every race. Maybe someday we’ll have peace and love one another as who they are not what they look like. Please people QUIT JUDGING, walk a mile in their shoes, you just might like them or even love them. MotherOf3, thank you for the things you wrote, no truer words have been written. GOD BLESS YOU MotherOf3. You are a good person.

    • Starrchild

      Very well said Motherof3. I’ve always said that if people would judge people by their character alone, the would be a happier place. 99.9 percent of the “haters” wouldn’t say what they say out loud, which makes them cowards. People who down other racist have been — in one way or another — been subjected to some kind of crime by their own kind, and even own family in some instances. I’d rather be real friends with anyone of any color that will have my back rather than fake friends with someone of my own race that will smile in my face and stab me in the back. It’s called being mature…which is what most of these commenters seem to lack. The problem is everyone is taught to be prejudice in one way or another, but at some point in your life it’s your decision to change.

    • doc

      You seem to see everything in terms of a racial slur. That has held your people back for decades. Stop blaming….well, EVERYBODY ELSE for your failure to thrive.(…guessing you are black…)
      IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE WHITE RACE THAT YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!!!! Look inside…stop teaching your young to behave badly, keep a bio-daddy at home, don’t let them skip school days, help them with homework, stop telling them to disrespect authority, tell them to stop being the highest crime statistic on record. These things will help you bring yourself out of the quagmire you have descended into.

      • Starrchild

        Doc, I’m not sure who is the target of your response, because you just seen angry at everyone. I particularly don’t think my post determined that everything is a racial slur, so perhaps that’s your guilt, but if the proverbial shoe fits…wear it. You also assume that you know my race and background you also seem to think that the black race is the only one with single mothers, disrespectful children, etc. BTW, if you care to learn the truth, you will find that the black race is does not have the highest crime rate, it just appears that way because we are more likely to go to jail and also due to the media coverage we seem to get without asking for it. You will also find that the black race is not the race that utilizes government assistance the most. In both instances, you’ll find that the white race is the leader for both. I don’t feel that the black race in trouble….the human race is in trouble and it’s partly due to people like you who choose to promote half-truths and blatant false information without trying to learn the facts. Ignorance such is this is why the country continues to fall. No matter how hard people try to blame it on one black president, the truth will be revealed when he is long gone. Can some blacks do a better job at teaching their kids to be beneficial to society rather than a hindrance, well, of course…but so can some in every other race. If it were only the blacks, I am very doubtful that there would be a black president today. There is plenty of blame to go around!

    • KA

      You are so correct. I am tired of hearing about Race. We are all here in the same world and when something or someone goes bad, it actually affects everyone regardless of your race

    • JJ

      Why are you talking about the Zimmerman trial?

  • http://webpronews dori

    Cant we all just get along?