Clemson Player Ejected after Punch [VIDEO]

    September 20, 2013
    Erika Watts
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A player for the Clemson Tigers was ejected from the game last night after delivering a nasty uppercut to an N.C. State player following a play. The #3 ranked Tigers’ 26-14 win in Raleigh, North Carolina was marred with a couple of controversial calls, but the officials definitely got the ejection right. The punch came with just 90 seconds on the clock and a 12-point lead on the scoreboard, but that apparently wasn’t enough for offensive lineman Isaiah Battle.


Head coach Dabo Swinney was not too happy with Battle’s decision to switch to throw a swing and gave his lineman an earful after he pulled him to the sideline. After the Battle delivered the punch, a yellow flag was throw and the Clemson player was ejected and forced to leave the field.

There’s no word yet on what further punishment Battle can expect to receive for his dirty play. The Clemson football player will likely have to miss at least a couple of quarters in the Tigers’ upcoming game against Wake Forest.

In an interview after the game last night, Swinney called the personal foul “poor” and said that type of behavior “isn’t Clemson.” While Swinney is correct that we don’t usually see punches thrown on the field from Clemson players, an on-the-field brawl between Clemson and South Carolina in 2004 showed some nasty hits that were far worse.

How much long do you think the ejected Clemson player should be suspended for his antics? Respond below.

Swinney said after the game that his Tigers were “fortunate” in their win against N.C. State and that he was glad they hung in and “found a way to win.” The game was very close during the third quarter, with the Tigers leading the Wolfpack 13-7. The Wolfpack almost pulled ahead in what appeared to be an 83-yard touchdown run. With the PAT, the score would have been 14-13, N.C. State, but the touchdown run was called back after a referee said the player stepped out of bounds.

Instead of having a lead, N.C. State fumbled the ball away and Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd threw a touchdown pass to push Clemson ahead to 20-7. Heisman contender Boyd was 24-37 on completions last night, with 244 passing yards and three touchdowns.

Main image via YouTube; GIF via Fansided

  • Smalls

    Typical Clemson thuggish behavior, least it wasn’t a woman this time

    • Clint Cagle

      How is this “typical”? Is this occurring more often at Clemson than other places?

      • Smalls

        How many fb players u know to beat a girl with towel rod and no suspension ?? SOS said any violence against women and kicked off team no Qs asked, but dablow? Nothing, the hypocrite. Plenty other things like that and nothing from Clemson but. Cover up cover up.

  • Hmm

    I went to Clemson in the late 80’s -early 90’s. There was some thuggish behavior then. Don’t even get me started on the steroid use. One player went through steroid rage, ripped a urinal from a wall, and then beat up his girlfriend. It got swept under the rug.

    Football is king in the deep South. A lot of things surrounding football players never are addressed. I think people would be surprised to really know what goes on. In many ways though, the average fan doesn’t even know what they do not know.

    In general though, Clemson is a pretty good school. I don’t regret going there at all. I think people just don’t realize that there is a difference between your average student-athlete and a student-athlete who plays football or basketball for a major program. Two separate worlds.

  • Chuck Weis

    Pathetic. No place for crap like this in the game. I agree that he should be gone indefinitely. It’s one thing to poke and pinch people in a dog pile, but to go all Tyson on some other dude – who by the way – is half his size – is despicable.

    • Jeff

      L ittle boys should not play with anyone but little boys.

  • Jeff

    I do not condone the actions of the Clemson player at all. However, the game was over and the little shrimp just being a little punk. The big punk dusted his ass. The little punk probably will remember this forever. Do not ever awaken a sleeping giant.

  • BillyS

    Watch the whole sequence. Battle was walking away and 14 kept at him.
    The ‘punch’ only grazed his facemask before 14 did his flop. No excuse
    though. No player should ever punch another player after the whistle.


  • DL

    Yeah the CU player can’t do that but just like all blind zebras they let the little punk off scott free. Do you think he punched the guy over nothing? Just zebras missing half the foul and flexing their stupidity.

  • wolfattack

    Focus on the State guy’s feet…beautiful acting job! He baited the Clemson guy beautifully and then the dive….good job.