Clementine Boosts CRM Capabilities

    January 16, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

SPSS Inc. just released a data mining workbench dubbed Clementine 10 aimed at creating a 360 degree view of the customer by compiling data from a number of sources. Clementine’s bag of tricks also comes with an “anomaly detection” system for fraud combat that shows unusual behaviors as they occur within the data collected.

Analytical CRM and marketing applications, such as customer acquisition, cross-/up-selling and customer retention, are enhanced through Clementine 10’s “feature selection,” offering predictive capabilities as well. The data is collected from databases, text documents, surveys, and Website behavior.

“The increased functionality between third-party software is a huge step in the right direction and will save National Instruments hours of work for each reporting period,” said National Instrument’s Market Analyst Dan Courtright.

The anomaly detection feature has been lauded by tax analysts and auditors as a way of maximizing taxpayer compliance. The algorithm simplifies both analysis and scoring, helping data miners uncover unusual events or behavior rapidly, at any time. This will be of particular importance to organizations involved in fraud detection, revenue assurance, tax compliance, medical research and public safety.

“Clementine 10’s new anomaly detection will allow revenue departments to improve tax compliance more quickly and in a more systematic way,” said Elite Analytics’ Daniele Micci-Barreca.

The data mining applications can be managed and processes automated at an enterprise level in a secure, auditable environment for the purpose of increased productivity, performance, and integration.

Users can export data to Microsoft Excel directly from the Clementine interface and, when importing data from Excel, can specify worksheets and data ranges.