Clearspring Launchpad Sends Widgets To All

    October 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

If you have content on a website, all it takes to make that content an embeddable widget is a little bit of code, which Clearspring happens to have available for free.

The debut of Launchpad, said Clearspring VP of product development Joel Pulliam, means anything can be published anywhere.

Through the new Launchpad, um, launch, Pulliam said they have made it much easier for the typical Internet user to grab content and make it ready for placement on a destination. People visit the Launchpad site, get one piece of code, and enclose the content they want to distribute with that code.

Embedding can be performed with all the usual destinations that are popular today: MySpace, Facebook, iGoogle, Pageflakes, etc.

As an added benefit, Launchpad widgets generate real-time analytics. These show the various details associated with a widget’s placement, views, and user interactions.

That information may be accessed through the dashboard console Clearspring provides. The data may be exported to Excel, or drawn out via APIs for further assessment.

Clearspring also makes a sharing menu available, which can be skinned with one line of CSS. This allows the site publisher to make a list of sites where the widget can be shared immediately available to visitors.

If someone with an account on Blogger stops by, and wants the widget, all the person has to do is to click the Blogger button on the menu and grab the embed code. Alternately, the visitor can post that widget to the blog, email it to a friend, or bookmark it on sites like Delicious or Reddit.

Clearspring has some prominent users of its premium syndication service today. The Today Show and the NBA list among its widgety members. Launchpad leverages the technology to the broader Internet in an easy to implement and track format, which should make it worth a try for bloggers and site publishers.