Claire Holt Returns to 'The Originals:' How Long Will She Stay?


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Claire Holt returns to The Originals, again.

Last March, Holt's surprise exit shocked The Originals viewers. During the 2014 PaleyFest, the Australian actress spoke about her decision to leave the show. Holt wanted to spend some time with her friends and family. “As far as I’m concerned, this is a temporary hiatus. I’m taking a little vacation in the sun, but I’m going to return to my New Orleans family," she revealed.

Executive Producer Julie Plec revealed that Holt only signed a 16 episode contract, a fact kept quiet to not ruin the surprise of her exit. Since leaving The Originals, Holt's character Rebekah has made several brief appearances on the series.

She temporarily appeared on The Originals season 1 finale, "From a Cradle to a Grave," to take over custody of baby Hope. Rebekah's brother Klaus (Joseph Morgan) enlisted her to keep his child protected. They hid that she survived the witches' attack.

Holt made her second guest appearance during The Original's season 2 premiere, "Rebirth." On last night's episode, Holt began her two episode arc. Rebekah-no longer feeling safe-contacts her brothers Klaus and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) to help her protect Hope. This episode of The Originals uncovers a major development in the plan Esther (Sonja Sohn) has for Rebekah.

"The Brothers that Care Forgot" also shows how Rebekah's been raising Hope. Holt spoke to Access Hollywood and talked a bit about the new Rebekah:

"She's traded her little hot red convertible in for a soccer mum car. She loves being a mother and she loves raising Hope and she loves everything about this child and she's fiercely protective and loyal and I think it's really changed her and it's centered her and it's taught her what's important in life and it's been a great thing for her."

Holt will also appear in the next episode, "The Maps of Moments," and may appear in another episode or two before the season ends. Fans who hoped Rebekah's stay might turn permanent will be sadly disappointed to know that Holt is currently filming for a new series called Aquarius.

The Originals airs on Monday nights on the CW at 7:00 PM CST.