Cisco and Linksys Announce Linksys to Cisco Trade-Up Program

    September 16, 2004

New and Existing Linksys Customers Get Cash Back When Migrating to Cisco Routing, Switching and Wireless Solutions.

Cisco Systems, Inc., and its Linksys division, today announced a new program called the “Linksys to Cisco Trade-Up Program” that helps small businesses in the United States protect their network technology investment when they purchase select Linksys business products. Through a rebate directly to the end user, the Linksys to Cisco Trade-up Program pays up to 100% cash back when qualifying purchasers are ready to migrate to Cisco routing, switching and wireless solutions.

This program offer enables small businesses to grow their network as their business grows without losing their investments in network infrastructure. Small businesses can start off building their network with Linksys products and when their business has grown to require more advanced features and more enhanced integration services; they can trade-up their eligible Linksys product to an eligible Cisco product under this program. Customers who register and qualify for the program and trade up to a Cisco product after 90 days and within three years of the select Linksys product purchase date will receive a cash rebate*.

“When small businesses purchase an eligible Linksys product today, they’re also buying an opportunity for future equipment trade-in from the eligible line of Cisco SMB products,” said Charlie Giancarlo, president of Cisco-Linksys. “We are also providing the small business with a three year program that looks out for their investment plus an upgrade path to the products they’ll need as their business and network grows.”

“As part of our small and medium business strategy, this trade-up program helps Cisco to broaden our value proposition to the small business marketplace,” said Peter Alexander, VP world wide commercial marketing. “The program will also enable Linksys customers to become more informed of Cisco offerings and the business benefits that Cisco networks can provide.”

Cisco and its Linksys division currently plan to continue adding eligible products to the trade-up program as new products are introduced. The official list of eligible products and rebate values, as well as program terms and conditions can be found here.

How the Program Works:

(1) New and existing Linksys customers would register for the program online. At this webpage, customers can find more information including the program brochure, check product eligibility, and review program terms and conditions. Participants who register will also be eligible to receive the award winning Cisco iQ Magazine for small and medium-sized businesses.

(2) When customers are ready to upgrade to a Cisco solution (anytime after 90 days and within three years of the Linksys product purchase date, while the program is still active), they simply contact their local Cisco reseller from the list of authorized resellers participating in the Linksys to Cisco Trade-Up program and identified on the website.

(3) The Cisco reseller chosen by the customer will recommend a Cisco product configuration that fits the equipment needs of the customer and their business. When the customer has purchased an eligible Cisco product, the reseller will provide the customer with a rebate form, or the customer can download the form from the Cisco program website.

(4) Once the Rebate Form process is completed, the customer will receive a cash rebate check from Cisco for the eligible Linksys product returned.

This Linksys to Cisco Trade-Up Program is only available to eligible customers and partners in the United States.

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