CIOs Tackle Data Storage

    August 18, 2006

Data storage is becoming a problematic issue for many CIOs. The cost and complexity of storage, along with the sheer amount of information that must taken care of, can make for “a data retention nightmare.” There are ways to deal with the matter, however.

Brad Wood, the senior director of enterprise technology at Corrections Corporation of America, identified a problem. “There are people out there who haven’t put in any kind of storage resource management [SRM] and they are drowning in complexity,” he told Kate Evans-Correia of

Wood was apparently able to bring his company up to speed, but his next comment underlined the importance of staying on top of things. “I should have looked at SRM sooner,” he said. “[Doing it] late in the game was a bit painful.”

Charles Brown, the CIO of Fire Materials Group, made an understanding remark. “There’s so much information out there. The suppliers, the technology out there . . . the din and clutter could scare the heck out of anybody.”

One expert in the field phrased it in a somewhat less sympathetic manner. “Most midmarket CIOs don’t have the resources or expertise to dedicate to figuring out a solution,” stated Greg Schulz, the founder and a senior analyst at The StorageIO Group. “Suppliers need to help them navigate the waters,” he concluded.

Potential customers shouldn’t let cost scare them away. The longer they ignore the situation, the worse it will get. “The cost of storage can be directly related to the lack of [business continuity] planning,” according to Josh Howard, a data storage specialist at CDW.

Dealing with data storage can be troublesome, but it’s a “the sooner, the better” situation.


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